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Mar 9, 2007 01:52 PM

steak or burgers anywhere near Westbury???? Help please

recently put a Westbury thread which unearthed a few decent places, however, where is the place for steak or burgers or salad with protein (can you say atkins?), in the immediate area......really need a thread for cheap eats for LI especially Nassau county....where is all the good stuff anyway? I can offer Chicken Kebab (Turkish--but kinda Greek style strangely), Ravaugh (Persian) on Willis Ave...inexpensive and good..Thanks!!!

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  1. Try Majors Steakhouse in East Meadow (off of East Meadow Road across from Eisenhower Park), Zorn's in East Meadow up the road from there (great chicken and ribs), and Frank's Steakhouse on Jericho Tpk (I think). Also, try La Parma (they have meat dishes) in East Williston for Italian, and Cozymels for Mexican over by Loews' Theatre and Target (I know its a chain but its good).

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      I would say Runyons in East Meadow, not bargain basement but not expensive.

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        Is Major's any good? I have read several lousy reviews about their burgers and they have a website, I couldn't find one...thanks.

        1. re: janie

          majors actually has a very good burger, steaks are just o.k. there are no cheap steaks that are great in nassau cty. you have to go to majors or outback for that and it's far from great, but not bad. outback by the way has a decent burger

      2. Great burgers at Leo's on Franklin Avenue in Garden City.

        1. Stay away from Majors. Call me picky, but I like my food served on a plate.

          1. pretty good burgers at the St. James on Second Street in Mineola. Head west on Old Country Road. Make a right on Mineola Blvd and make a right onto Second St. just after you go over the bridge.