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Mar 9, 2007 01:39 PM

N.West Nassau County- Chow-Worthy?

A very good friend moved to Great Neck....I've been helping unpack and explore the new neighborhood; we've been having some trouble finding anything exciting....or even more than just serviceable. I've checked the boards and have tried several things in Little Neck (La Baraka was disgusting; Greek Seafood Grill place was fine but overpriced -$40- fish for one-; Korean in Shopping center near Dunkin Donuts Very Good/Great Service; Turkish on Northern - Good but standard)
Liked Oliver Bon Didant on Hillside Ave, but it was a little too dainty; been back several times to Riverbay (Williston Park) - solid fresh fish/love the waitstaff - professionals all. Pan Asian in Great Neck Plaza mall was pretty good, but uncomfortably packed....Mexican on Grace Ave - BLECH.

Please, help. I need an epiphany...I need excitement....I need an omigd moment or two......Anything? Delivery? a great Persian Grocery? Solid Weeknight fare? Fine(ish) dining that isn't as lame as Burton & Doyle, which seemed like a TGI Friday's on an expense account...

I've been through the boards....been to Luger, Umbertos, New Teryaki house on Jericho....we're trying here!

Great Neck, New Hyde Park, Floral Park, Manhasset, .....Please, what's under the radar? Where's the best slice? Eggplant parm? Fish Taco? Anything good? Why can't I find Thai food!?? What's up?

Thanks for your help. We are bored and hungry.

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  1. Definitely Ravaugh (Persian) and CHicken Kebab (Turkish-greek styled stuff) on WIllis Ave are very good. And they put a new outpost for Colbeh on WIllis ave---Persian Kosher..Both very popular places, always crowded..also, Attilio's has good pizza, and exceptional eggplant ricotta pizza...

    1. A few suggestions in your radius: King Umberto's in Elmont for pizza, Stressa in Manhasset for high end Northen Italian. As for Thai food, if you want the best head into Queens. Sorry to say nothing on the Island comes close. Sripraphai in Woodside and Chao Thai in Elmhurst are two of the best.

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        Hi MKS,

        I have to disagree about your Thai food comment (Sorry). You should try Onzon 2 on Hempstead Turnpike in Franklin Square. My wife and I love the crispy duck in garlic sauce and most of their other dishes are wonderful too.

        Happy Eating to you!

        1. re: dereklaw

          Hi dereklaw,

          You have every right to disagree. That's what's so wonderful about this board. Just curious, have you been to either of the places I suggested?
          If you have and feel Onzon 2 is just as good, I will make it a must to try.

      2. If you were not wowed by Lugers then I don't think anything in the area will impress you. If you think La Baraka is disgusting and enjoyed Riverbay, then we have very different taste, but in the spirit of helping a fellow hound get a good meal I have a few suggestions. Conti's in Little Neck is my favorite local Italian.If not Lugers(I can't believe I just wrote that) try Bryant and Cooper. Head over to the area of Lakeville Road and Union Turnpike/Hillside for Indian food, Kerala Kitchen is a very unique place. Afghan Kebabb House on Hillside(over near Marcus Ave) is very good. Try Hildebrands for the an old fashioned soda fountain experience,but stick to burgers,sandwiches and the homemade ice cream and fountain drinks. Bistro Limon in Roslyn is solid french in a nice looking restaurant.
        Sadly, this is not a very chowish area. In fact, tonite I brought home Thai from Srip and yesterday Q from Texas Ranger. I do most of my chowing in nearby Queens, the center of the food universe. You will not have an "epiphany", but good luck and if we missed anything let us know.

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          Oh. Your reply made me realize how much I seemed to be ranting...sorry....and, sorry for not being more clear. I am consistently wowed by Luger (been to GN, but usually go to Williamsburg), and it's still a special event. BTW, went recently w/ a friend who is a well-done-meat-eater, and so I had the lamb chops-YUM.

          I mentioned Umbertos, Luger, and the Teryaki House as examples of places that I've enjoyed....and to make clear that although I don't post often, I do eat often :)....and that we've been trying to explore/not just post for help without doing any legwork. In fact, please know that I appreciate your opinion; it's clear that you care about your food. Thanks.

          More for clairty: I've enjoyed Riverbay, for the quality of the fish and the professional service. It's not exciting, but sometimes a really fresh piece of fish does the trick.
          In fairness, I was to LaBaraka only once. Unfortunately, the escargot were mushy/mealy, the muscles were actually foul-'never should have been served foul', and the fish in the Coquielle St. Jacques was over the hill. Almost every dish was overrun with tarragon. I was particularly upset, because I was trying to introduce some classic French food to a kid. She picked at a salty rendition of French Onion soup, and I thought about that and the Zuchini sticks of my own youth (at the Wine Gallery in Forest Hills. Heh.)

          So, with all of that said, thanks again. We'll definitely try Kerala kitchen. I have not heard/not been there yet!


          P.S. Went to Ayhan's fish place in Port Washington for dinner last night. Tasty baked clams and bulghar...Good grilled squid too...unfortunately the broiled fish combo was seasoned with an unwelcomed season salt kind of spice mix and cooked in fake butter substitute....why, why, why? ;) More soon.....

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            A big second to Conte's in Little Neck!

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              I had no problem with your post, if I did, I would not have tried to help. A few more ideas have come to mind. You should try L.L. Dent for upscale soul food. It is located in a shopping strip mall across from the old country road entrance to Roosevelt Field. Leisa Dent a CIA graduate does very good versions of the traditional stuff like fried chicken ,mac and cheese and banana pudding and does a full menu of other things with a southern touch. Place is small, but comfortable and simply decorated. They do a Sunday brunch that has a good selection at a good price. Sunday brunch is not easy to find in the area. Although I have not been there in a year, Lareira is a Portugese restaurant in Mineola in a small and rapidly shrinking Portugese enclave. Another interesting place is Royal Tangra Masala for Indian/Chinese food on Hillside east of Marcus avenue. It is not quite as good as the Tangra place in Queens off Queens Blvd, but it is solid. If you are interested in razor thin crust pizza, get a pitcher of beer and a large pie from Eddie's on Hillside.If you just want a good slice, try La Vera across the street from Eddie's. A few days ago a a couple of hounds hounds gave rave reviws to Hummus World by Roslyn H.S., it is near the top of my list of local places to try. Finally, if you are a gyro fan, head over to Northern and Francis Lewis for a meal at Fontana,a personal and board favorite. If pork gyro is your thing, Fontana does not do it, but a few blocks west on Northern is Gyroworld and they make the one I like, others on the board prefer the one up Francis Lewis, at a place called Gyro Corner. Once again, good luck in your quest for great food.

              1. re: stuartlafonda

                Thanks, man.

                Funnily enough, we went to LL Dent for lunch yesterday. Nice place. Good feel. Great corn bread (moist). Mac and cheese was, dare I say, light! So good, not a gloppy mess at all. Lerved the greens! Made w/ smoked turkey and xtra twangy goodness. I took a pass on the pulled pork, but I'm looking forward to going back for dinner.

                Thanks again and to all of the respondents....please keep the info coming, and I promise to report back.


                P.S. Ginos Pizza in Great Neck...Odered Delivery (didn't like the pizza - crust too pastry like) sent a really solid eggplant parm hero though....would get it again....thin, not greasy and sauced appropriately....really very good.

          2. You have to go to Salvatore's in Port Washington. They have great thin crust coal oven pizza. Besito in Roslyn is great higher end mexican, steps up from a meson ole type menu.
            I posted previously that the restaurant at Harbor Links has some really great food. Their Thai calmari is exceptional. I have alos had their Aji Amarillo glazed shrimp and it was impressive. La Terranova in Glen Cove used to be a great low key Italian place. Good quality Southern Italian. I havent been there in 3 months, so I cant comment on recent experiences.

            1. Just a couple extra tips close by in Little Neck: There is a shopping strip right off the LIE westbound exit 32. In the strip is a Denny's Childrenswear and Mazurs kosher market and restaurant. Well, in that strip mall there is a really, really, really good pizza place - Centre I believe it's called that also has tables in the back. I've often seen people eating meals there but its extremely - and I say that with great emphasis - casual. They have daily specials and while I can't vouch for the pastas and entrees, the pizzas - all varieties we have had, are excellent.

              Also in that same strip mall about two stores away from the pizza place is a very good bagel place, one of the few that actually is still a great bargain in addition to having great bagels which is more and more of a rarity these days- buy a dozen bagels and it gets you 19 - they give you seven free.

              Oh, and not far from there - up the road in Douglaston is a fantastic Italian Restaurant called Il Tuscano. Authentic, fresh, creative and...very expensive but wonderful.

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                ive been a fan of center pizza little neck and umbertos since the late 1960's