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Galettes bretonnes in Toronto?

Hunting for a restaurant that serves these savoury buckwheat crepes. I have been disappointed by 'creperies' that I have been to in TO as they always serve their savoury in a standard crepe rather than the buckwheat galette. Has anyone found a restaurant serving galettes? (fingers crossed!)

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  1. Sorry, Jo. I've been searching for ten years, since I moved here from Montreal. I haven't met anything that comes close to the crepes Bretonnes available there.

    1. I think I saw that the creperie in the distillery were serving buckwheat crepes. Also, when I went a couple of years ago, the place on Dundas near the art gallery (if it is still there) would do their crepes with whichever type of crepe you wanted (standard or sarasin). But overall their crepes weren't great.

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        Just confirming La Creperie in the Distillery does use buckwheat flour in their savoury crepes. http://www.lacreperie.ca/aboutus.html

      2. the crepe cafe on danforth just started serving buckwheat, I havent had them yet but they have both savory and sweet crepes.

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          I had a buckwheat crepe at Euro Crepe Cafe this morning. I have to admit I initially found this place weird because of their huge array of crepe toppings (like a sub shop!). I had definite ideas about "authentic" crepes and they did not include hummus or sliced olives. But, I have to admit that I enjoyed my savoury cheese, ham, egg & veg combo this morning, on a nicely cooked buckwheat crepe. The crepe batter was actually darker than I recall from Montreal, but the buckwheat flavour somewhat masked by all the fillings (only myself to blame for that). They also do whole wheat. Anyway, I'm not sure I would go *way* out of my way for one of these crepes, but it was tasty and buckwheat-y.

        2. I think crepes agogo on Yonge and Yorkville might have it. I'm not sure since I haven't been in a while but IIRC they had it on the menu.

          1. i dropped into the brickworks farmers market for the first time this past weekend and noticed a man with crepes that had the only lineup in the whole place.

            i didn't note a name but i did note that he was serving savoury fillings in buckwheat crepes. we didn't get one but i'm curious if anyone on else has had them and do they compare to the galettes bretonnes of yore? having never had them before, i'm not sure what makes them just so.

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              Batifole was serving beautiful buckwheat crepes for brunch but I understand they are only open for dinner now. Perhaps they have a version on the dinner menu?

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                From what I've seen, they only have sweet dessert crepes on the menu (which are very popular).

            2. The Art Square near the AGO does buckwheat crepes. Service can be a bit spotty, but I always enjoy their crepes. My favorite is blue and sea (blue cheese, shrimps, and garlic). They also serve illy. Mmmm.

              1. Le Papillon has them on its menu but I did not try their TO location. You might want to call them and ask for details. http://www.lepapillon.ca/menu.html
                416-363-3773 - Galettes bretonnes are cookies made with flour and salted butter. What you are referring to is the Crêpes bretonnes. They can be made with white flour but, more authentic are the crêpes de blé noir.

                1. Eggspectations has crepe bretonnes on their menu. I don't think i've had them other than there so I can't say how authentic they are.

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                    I wish those who were at Eggspectations would give us a review. Thanks!

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                      Eggspectations have it on their "sugar shack" plate but you can order them like pancakes/waffles, or as a side, as well. The crepes bretonnes were like slightly chewy and a touch thicker than normal crepes. They came buttered and folded in 1/4s (and on the sugar shack plate, with scrambled eggs, baked beans, canadian bacon and maple syrup. I liked them enough to repeat eat.

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                        Thanks chocabot for the infos. Sounds X-yummy. What kind of crêpes bretonnes did you try? Those 'au blé noir' (buckwheat) are a bit tougher. Being folded in 4 is the traditional way. I suppose you could have the 'regular' ones, thin crêpes made from white flour?

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                          I'm not positive but I think they are buckwheat. i wouldn't say they were tough but rather pleasantly chewy :0)

                  2. By far the best place to go, is La Bréhandaise crêperie on Queen West near Shaw St. The Galettes are amazing and the ambience is great too. Of course you can always have crêpes as the restaurant name would suggest, but galettes are the real speciality. Oh and you you can also get Quebec cider to compliment as well.

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                        I don't have much experience with them, but I had a galette at Hibiscus yesterday that I enjoyed. The fillings are all vegetarian, but for $5.75 it was very generously stuffed without overwhelming the buckwheat. Worth a try if you're going to be around Kensington.