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Mar 9, 2007 12:35 PM

Late Night Brooklyn

I am looking for suggestions on late night restaurants in brooklyn around park slope and or smith st. I have hit Blue Ribbon the last 2 Friday nights, which of course is never a disappointment, but looking to mix it up a little. Any info would be much appreciated. Thanks.

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  1. i totally agree with you about lack of late night spots in the slope for food. im not a blue ribbon fan though as its unbelievably overpriced in my opinion.

    i heard cattyshack is opening a 24 hour restaurant next door but i doubt thatll be open for another 6 months.

    1. Rebar in Dumbo is open until 4am. Also Sheep Station on 4th ave is open late, though I dont know how late the kitchen is open. Union Hall's kitchen might be open late.

      1. On Smith Street you can hit up Apartment 138, which serves OK food (some rave about it) until 3am. Bar Tabac serves decidedly mediocre bistro food in a pleasant atmosphere until 2am (but the menu may be somewhat limited after a certain hour?). Finally on Columbia St. aroun Kane or Degraw is a bar called Sugalounge which serves until 3am (I think mainly small bites, but from the one time I was there I remember liking the few things I sampled, esp. some form of fish fritters).

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        1. re: deepyarn

          Ooh...I just need to report that my meal at Apt138 last week was one of the worst meals I've had in Brooklyn. It was a crabcake sandwich, and it tasted like it were delivered frozen from Sysco and fried in stale, nasty fry grease. My friend liked her fish and chips, but I tasted them, and they were unsalted and fried in that same strong-tasting Applebees-esque fry oil.

          Cafe Steinhof claims they serve dinner until 1AM on the weekends; the food is, well, it's Cafe Steinhof. They get the job done. Alchemy is probably a late night place; it's new, search down the boards for current info. And on Smith, I bet Bar Tabac is open late; Smith and Dean. Not bad for French Bistro food.

          1. re: PAL

            Ditto on Apt138. I've had some great experiences there in the past, so I decided to bring some of my friends (who think TGIFridays is a grace) to pursuade them into trying out some "real" restaurants. Unfortunately, none of us left satisfied. The calamari was oversalted. The drinks were weak. Red wine was way too warm. My duck, like the calamari, was oversalted as well... but this time, it tasted like the cook had a memory relapse and resalted the thing at least four times. I felt my tastebuds cringe and cower as I took my first bite. But, the manager was gracious enough to offer another dish in exchange and comped my drink.

            I feel bad that a restaurant with such good memories went so wrong... I haven't been there since. Just to note, I think they have a great lunch prix fixe menu during the week.

        2. Atlantic Chip Shop serves until 2a or so. Does the Slope branch do the same?

          1. I agree there isn't enough late night food around here, especially on weekdays.

            My two go-to spots for a late bite:
            Bocca Lupo on Henry (Warren), open until 2 on weekends. Schnack on Union (Columbia) serves until 1AM. Schnack has really slipped in quality in the last year or so (and it's perpetually empty these days, which is kinda sad), but when it's late and you're hungry, it'll do.

            Sugarlounge serves small and tasty snacks from which you could potentially construct a meal, but it's not really dinner.

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            1. re: oolah

              re: Schnack
              I've been to Schnack twice in the last 8 months... the first time, I could have wholly agreed with you. They were trying out these whole wheat buns that made the burgers taste nasty. The fries were soggy. And the beershakes (my favorite) was waaaay too thick... The service (in a room with only two tables) was nonexistant. It took nearly 25 minutes for our table to get drinks, another 40 to get a few burgers... ... After that, my friends swore off the place.

              About a month and half ago, my brother suggested the place, even though I strongly contended it. In the end, he won out, and I'm glad he did. The place was empty (it was a Tuesday night) but the food was back on track, as good (if not better) than my first dining experience at Schnack oh-so-many years ago. The burgers were in their original white buns, the onion rings were slightly soggy but warm and delicious, and the beershake was back to its glorious self.

              Looking to go back again after DIB (they're not in it this year for some reason...) and hoping it's stayed the way it should.

              1. re: bluishgnome

                yeah, i think they ran out of a supplier originally for those white buns so they opted for whole wheat. they werent awful but definitely were a step down.

                the service there can be awful. this one girl gets barraged with the entire place sometimes. when she's not working, the other guys are really lazy.

                its definitely come down in quality but i like it still. their protein breakfast is crazy good.