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Mar 9, 2007 12:24 PM

bread pudding

I love the bread pudding that I get at restaurants, but I find that when I make it at home I just can't replicate the texture. It's never as creamy and the bread cubes never seem to disintegrate into one lovely mass. I have doggedly followed recipes, so what am I missing?

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  1. I think one of the biggest things that make homemade bread pudding a success is using day old or dried out bread. It definitely makes a difference because it soaks up the custard so much better. If I've forgotten to leave the bread out for a day, I'll slice it and put it in a low oven until dry and let it cool a bit before using. I also find using denser bread helps - my favorite lately is using brioche.

    1. One of the best bread puddings I have ever had is at the Science Hill Inn in Shelbyville. They make it from stale biscuits. It is so light and creamy it is amazing. They serve it with a bourbon sauce. I'd have to make the biscuits on purpose because when I do make them they disappear quickly

      1. Have you tried recipes that let the bread soak overnight? Definitely make sure you're using day old bread (but not week old - too hard and dry!) and let it soak well.

        I don't know if baking in a water bath would help? I haven't made enough bread puddings to pay attention to detailsin variations. I just know they're tasty and whisky sauces make them even better!

        1. I use day old croissants cut into large cubes, drizzle them with melted butter, then add a custard of egg yolks, whipping cream and sugar and flavouring, My secret is before adding the custard, add a healthy amount of finely chopped white chocolate to the croissant cubes in the baking dish (along with fruit and/or nuts), add the custard, and do use a water bath. It's all about the fat..but it turns out rich and beautiful.

          1. Try William Sonoma's recipe for Chocolate Bread Pudding. It uses day-old croissants, is easy to make, and soooo good. Always a crowd pleaser.


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              Stale croissants are a great twist.

              Sourdough and french bread give a different 'tang' and texture.

              I've also had great success w/ challah and stale buttermilk biscuits.

              Soaking overnight is very helpful, in my experience. Bread pudding, as I've found, does not like to be rushed.