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Mar 9, 2007 12:06 PM

MSP: Chow + Wi-Fi

What are your favorite places in the Twin Cities for good chow plus free Wi-Fi? If you are stuck on your computer, but would like to pass the day away with a great lunch, mid-afternoon pastry, good coffee, and friendly atmosphere, where do you go?

My default in this area would be Birchwood or Turtle Bread, which both fit the bill perfectly, but it would be nice to branch out.

I'm not sure if any of the following have Wi-Fi: Gigi's, Moose & Sadie's, Yum, French Meadow. Does anyone know?

I know that you can only get Wi-Fi at Lucia's Bakery if you sit at the edge of the community table, plus it's too small to hang around most of the day without feeling bad about hogging the limited space -- so that is out.

Of course there are lots of coffee shops, so feel free to include those too if you think they are chow-worthy. Blue Moon is very computer friendly (lots of outlets), and has a nice selection of drinks, but I don't think they have much in the chow department.

One notable coffee shop would be the warehouse district Dunn Bros at 3rd and Washington, which recently started serving snacks and sandwiches from D'Allesantro's Italian deli down the street (very chow-worthy).

Ok, chowhounds, have at it.

[Edit: Bonus points if they play good music!]

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  1. Moose & Sadie's does have WiFi, but they don't turn it on during brunch and I've heard you sometimes have to remind them to turn it on in the afternoon. I last checked for WiFi at French Meadow about 2 years ago and they didn't have it. Things might be different now though.

    My husband works out of a coffee shop or restaurant almost daily, I'll check in with him on a few of his favorites. I do know he heads to the Chatterbox a lot.

    1. Wilde Roast has good chow, good coffee and free wifi.

      1. Wilde Roast and Mairin's Table both have it. I think Keegan's also has free wi-fi, but I'm not sure if it's a restaurant really.

        I'm sure you can get a signal from Dunn Bros next door at Alma, though I'm not sure why you'd want to be distracted while eating at Alma.

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        1. re: Foureyes137

          Keegan's is an Irish pub-in-a-box, and a pretty good one, too. I find it's better fare than Kieran's. Decent fish and chips, good shepherd's pie, excellent smoked salmon app.
          Also, live Irish music on Sunday evenings.

          1. re: Loren3

            We talked about this before. I've been there many times. I think the fish and chips are bad there and you don't eat meat, so you've not tried their best dish. My insinuation is that it is a bar, not a restaurant, thus does not meet the "chow" stipulation. But that's me.

            I agree re: Kieran's though (and to keep this on topic, neither they nor the Local have wi-fi.), however we differ on our evaluation of Brit's.

            1. re: Foureyes137

              In the realm of "chowish" bar/grills though (especially in our hood) Spring Street Tavern has wi-fi...however still more bar than restaurant. But come summer, it's nice to sit on the patio, have a beer, and do a little work.

              1. re: Foureyes137

                hmm. i've had really, really bad food at keegan's. now i won't even drink a beer there. just me?

          2. Ichiban advertises free wi-fi on their door. All you can eat sushi plus free wi-fi sounds like a great way to spend a couple hours.

            1. In Roseville there is Buffalo Wild Wings- ok food. But Heartside Pizza on Rice st ( cross st larpentaur). Has wonderful pizza, crispy chicken and great working WI FI. If anyone else know anywhere is St Paul or Roseville I would appreciate knowing.