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Mar 9, 2007 12:03 PM

birthday lunch ideas

I am throwing a 60th birthday luncheon for a group of about 15 adults and five children. I'm struggling with a menu for some reason. So far I know I want to include mini lobster rolls and mini chicken salad sandwhiches, probably a potato salad or some kind of pasta or tortellini salad. (Because the guest of honor likes those things.) What else? I'm worried about the kids but thought I could atleast have a tray of peanut butter and jelly tea sandwiches and know they'll eat them. Should I have something hot, like a lasagna type dish? I'm also probably going to do a champagne punch. Any ideas and recipes welcome! Thanks.

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  1. The lasagna is throwing me. Everything else you are planning seems light and to work together and then the lasagna comes plodding along. I'm thinking stuffed cherry tomatoes, maybe some deviled eggs, gougeres? I have been skimming through the Leites Culianria site this afternoon and if you go to his "Recipes" page and look at all of the hors d'oeuvres therre is a wealth of suggestions

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      I agree, I think I threw out lasagna because I have an aunt that thinks meals aren't complete with some type of baked ziti/stuffed shells type dish. I'm obviously a people pleaser!