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Mar 9, 2007 11:51 AM

Need a Party venue downtown for approx. 140

I don't know what's going on 4/21 but many places are unavailable. Signature Room, Hard Rock Cafe', Harry Caray's....Any ideas? I'm running out of time. Per-head budget is moderate. It's a business function, not a lot of drinking will be happening. Getting a quote from Heaven on 7.

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  1. Greek Town? Most of the Greek places there have lots of rooms they can use for private parties, even big ones. And the moderate budget fits too. Most of the places are mentioned at

    1. I had the same issue for my rehearsal dinner. Once you get over 100 people it gets harder to find a room. We ended up at Fulton's on the River. They have a large room downstairs that would easily accommodate 100+.

      1. I think Greektown is your best bet. A few other options, though:

        - Maggiano's
        - Many of the hotels downtown have space for business dinners. I have been to functions your size at the Renaissance and the Palmer House Hilton (and probably others I can't think of) and found the food to be fine. I don't know how expensive they are, but you can probably find a hotel in your price range.
        - Rock Bottom Brewery - not where I would think of for a business function, but it has a similar atmosphere to Haray Carey's or Hard Rock, so it might be an option.