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Mar 9, 2007 11:25 AM

Spending our honeymoon in NYC

Any suggestions on where we should eat (my fiancee is pretty picky a no veggies kind of guy)? We'll be in NYC April 15th - April 21st, and staying at the Park Central Hotel (Seventh Avenue at 56th Street). We're paying for our wedding and honeymoon ourselves so we are on a pretty tight budget. Any suggestions about places to go or times that meals are cheaper would be much appreciated, thanks so much!

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  1. Congratulations on your (upcoming?) wedding. You can get some great responses if you give us some more more info. What does cheaper mean? <$10pp, <20, <40? Any specific types of food you enjoy/hate (ie Chinese, Italian, new-American, Ethiopian, etc)? Does picky mean just meat-and-potatoes? Is your number 1 goal tastiness or is there some sort of ambiance you are looking for (since it's your honeymoon)? How willing are you to explore neighborhoods that are a subway (or cab) ride from your hotel?

    1. Within a few blocks from your hotel there are some pretty good inexpensive eats. For modern Mexican that is reasonably priced, try El Centro on 9th in the mid to high W. 50s; for great burgers and no fuss, make sure you go to The Burger Joint in the Parker Meridian Hotel on the 1st floor (it is a hidden, albeit popular, NYC destination); if you are feeling a little adventurous and want authentic Japanese street food try Yakitori Totto in between 7th and 8th on W.55th; for great sweets or bistro sandwiches lunchtime try Bouchon Bakery in Colombus Circle; for New American (moderately expensive) you can try Eatery on 9th Ave and 53rd; and for brunch you should definitely try to make a reservation for Normas (also in the Parker Meridian, not the cheapest brunch but very good). Of course, this list is limited to restaurants within walking distance from your hotel, and by no means is exhaustive. There are many great restaurants in the city that you can get to by public transport or a short cab ride. Congratulations and have a great time!

      1. I agree with "Burger Joint", great burgers/fries...I personally LOVE "Norma's", but it is not for those on a budget..Try "Otto's" for pizza, really good and reasonable..Go to Soho and Greenwich for some great food and depending where you go, sometimes great prices...Go to "Mamouns" for the best falafel/hummus that you will ever have...Great and CHEAP! (Greenwich)..Split a sandwich at Stage Deli, Katz, Carnegie etc...They are MASSIVE, and not too expensive when split...You will have to do your homework to find great food at good prices, but it can absolutely be done...Times Square where you are staying has, for the most part, more expensive food that is not as good as other parts of the city...

        1. Sorry to hear about your choice of hotel. My cousins stayed there last year and said it was a disaster - a lot of construction, unready or already occupied rooms - but the staff were very nice to them. Maybe it has improved. Anyway, don't take the breakfast option at the Park Central, it's too expensive. You can walk one block to the corner of 6th Ave and 55 Street for breakfast at the Astro Diner. No frills, no high prices, and also a good place for a burger.

          My Seattle cousins said the Astro was a life saver for them (they are retired and on a budget).

          1. There's an excellent way to sample some higher-priced -- and even some very upscale -- restaurants without blowing a huge hole in your budget. Many places offer a 3-course lunch prixe at very moderate cost. Here are a few to consider:

            Fleur de Sel - $29

            Gotham Bar & Grill - $27

            Town - $26

            Tocqueville - $24.97

            Devi - $24.07

            Pampano - $25

            Roberto Passon - $15

            Gascogne - $19.50 (Note: Their outdoor back garden is truly charming.)

            Since you will be here in April, the Shake Shack will be open. It's located in Madison Square Park, on the corner of Madison Av. & 23rd St. Delicious burgers, excellent fries, and fabulous soft ice cream are among the items on the menu. If the weather cooperates, there are lots of tables where you can relax and enjoy al fresco dining. Going off-hours, like between 3 and 5 in the afternoon, is best in order to avoid very long lines.


            Best wishes on your marriage. Hope you have a glorious honeymoon in NYC and Bon Appetit!