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Mar 9, 2007 11:25 AM

Birthday Dinner

I am setting up a surprise birthday dinner for my wife (the big 28) and roughly a dozen other people. We are both big foodies, more cooking at home than eating out, but we love to eat fancy delicious food. I am trying to find something that will be good for a crowd of 14, and won't break the bank for each person. I would like to do a tasting dinner but everything seems like it will be $200+ pp to do a tasting wine pairing. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks.

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  1. If you and your friends like Indian food, I suggest you consider Devi, which has some of the most superb Indian cuisine in the city. The tasting menus -- there are two, one regular and one vegetarian -- are $60. (Note: The entire table does not have to have the same one.) With wine pairings, the cost is $100pp. The large space has unique, elegant decor. You can dress up a bit, if you wish, but casual dress is entirely acceptable. Overall, a wonderful place to celebrate a special occasion.

    1. HI Davis_green,

      Is there a kind of cuisine that you prefer? Without knowing your preference, I will just throw out Del Posto for Italian as an option. Although everything else in Del Posto is overpriced IMO, there is a Enoteca tasting menu with 4 courses at a bargain price of $41! Wine pairing is only $19 extra. The choices for each course is quite ample (though some might argue), but I think it is an absolute steal in the city, specially it comes from Batali's kitchen! (though not from his hands...)

      The restaurant, as you might have already known, is outrageously spacious with magnificent decor. It is a great place for festive celebration. The link to the enoteca menu is here:

      Hope you have a wonderful dinner!

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        Thanks for the tip on the Enoteca, but they only take same day reservations for a max of 6 people... Although, I will definately be going there soon.

      2. Chubo runs 4-course tasting menu for $61.

        1. Hi Davis_greene,

          How about Telepan? It has a 4-course Prix-fix dinner menu with wine at $95 and 4-course at $115. Sounds quite intriguing! I have only been there for lunch so I can't comment on the dinner menu with wine. But I think the price is reasonable. My lunch experience was very nice as well. The link to the dinner menuu is as below:

          1. I have put on parties like the one you're describing at Beacon, and they've been HUGE hits. The food is wonderful, the ambiance is suitably casual, and the service, spot on. Be sure you let them know what the event is, and any special needs when you make your reservation.