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Mar 9, 2007 11:19 AM

How long will a cake stay fresh?

My friend's birthday is on Tuesday, and I'd like to bring her a cake. If I bake a cake on Sunday night, will it be really subpar by Tuesday? Any cakes that might keep better than others?

Much thanks.

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  1. I'd bake it, cool it and wrap well then freeze. Defrost Tues. AM and ice it then.

    1. A good rule of thumb is the higher the butter content the quicker a baked good will go stale. I would agree with the freezing idea or break down the recipe if you are strapped for time. Measure your dry ingredients on sunday. Mix and bake the cake monday night, frost on Tuesday.

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        yes, the butter makes it dry out so a chiffon cake would work much better

      2. the frosting will work to "seal" the cake and help it stay fresh. i would bake it sunday or monday and freeze it. then frost it, while still frozen (prevents random crumbs getting loose) on tuesday morning.

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        1. re: hotoynoodle

          Actually I have found the higher the butter content the longer the cake lasts/

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            Me too. I'd probably bake it Sunday or Monday and wrap it really well in plastic and leave out at room temp. For that period of time, with the right recipe, it will still be delicious.
            I just hate to freeze/refrigerate cakes, but I know many do not have this aversion!

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              bakeries all freeze their cakes prior to frosting. it makes for an absolutely crumb-free surface.

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                Actually not ALL bakeries freeze their cakes prior to frosting, I know it is a common practice, but not one I favor.

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              sorry, I meant in the case of refrigeration or freezing. All the books say that the oil will keep the rumb moist instead of hardening like butter which is why chiffon cakes are normally used when combined with ice cream

          2. Hi everyone, just wanted to thank you all for the thoughts and suggestions. I ended up making something not so traditional for a birthday cake, the fresh ginger cake on Epicurious, which uses vegetable oil, not butter. I baked it Monday night (stayed up late waiting for it to cool), wrapped it in plastic and left it on the counter. Tuesday after work, I whipped some cream and chopped some crystallized ginger right before dinner. The birthday girl loves ginger and it was a big hit--very moist and flavorful.

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            1. re: AppleSister

              That's a great recipe. It's a cake that probably tasted better the next day anyway.

            2. Sorry, I didn't see thread - but in case it gets picked up in a search... I have found that cakes made with nuts (ground or flour) instead of flour tend to taste better after 24-48 hours. So make and frost mine at least a day before I want to eat it!