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Mar 9, 2007 11:14 AM

Barney's Burgers - Sherman Oaks Fashion Center

I past this place the other night, and wondered if it was any good.

I also saw an old thread from 2004 that talked about (how bad was) the Brentwood (Westwood?) location.

Has anyone been there? It sure smells good, and I asked some folks who were eating outside and they said it was good.


GK in SO

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  1. Maybe you read my review. I know that people in Northern California generally dislike us in Southern California but food should be sacred and not used as punishment.

    I went to the Brentwood Country Mart location and would not return. Some of ther worst and most overpriced onion rings I have ever eaten. The bacon was deep fried and tasted like one big bacon bit. The blue cheese tasted like it was from one of those plastic containers from Costco. The burger was bland.

    With all the burger options in Los Angeles I wouldn't bother with Barney's. I would definitely go to Fatburger and even Islands before ever going back to Barney's.

    1. Great, thanks, FKAA, you saved me approximately one hour and 15 bucks I never could have gotten back!!