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Mar 9, 2007 11:09 AM

Grand Central Oyster Bar

But, alas, I am going tomorrow night for a bit... was thinking of sticking to plate of oysters on the shell, possibly a chowder, maybe a pan roast and some beers.
Good plan?

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    1. Guiness and oysters are a match made in heaven! Enjoy.

      1. pan roast, fried clams and a beer. grab the check and get out of dodge.

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        1. re: steve h.

          Second all of this, but on your way out of Dodge, check out the echo chamber right outside the door. It's another of NY's best kept secrets. The area just outside the door is a large square vault. The ribs of the vault connect the corners. Stand one of your guests face in to one of the corners. Go to the opposite corner and, face in, whisper how much you enjoyed the oysters. Even though your guest is ~25 feet away, he/she will hear you perfectly. Works great with kids too.

          - Sean

        2. Ignore all the negative reviews.I eat in all of the best restaurants in NYC and the GCOB is always among my top 5. I have been eating at the GCOB for over 20 years.They have the most consistently fresh seafood in NYC. Where else in the city can you get an oyster pan roast for $ 9.95! Long after Marys, POB, BLT Fish etc will be a memory the GCOB will be there..

          1. I had dinner there with my parents a couple weeks ago. We got a table in the Pub section, preferring that atmosphere to the massive main room. The raw oyster plate we got to start was, of course, fantastic. I had a lobster roll for dinner. I thought it was delicious and a great choice..but then again, I wasn't the one paying the check.