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Mar 9, 2007 10:42 AM

What's new (and good) on UWS?

I've spent the last 6 months traveling like crazy for work and I haven't kept up on happenings in the 'hood. What's new and interesting? What's closed?


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  1. onera closed and kefi opened. thats the biggest news right now. Boulud is opening a wine bar this summer

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    1. re: Burnzes

      do you know where boulud is opening?

        1. re: JoLi

          thanks for the reply, JoLi. Anybody know what's slated to replace the small supermarket that is near the SE corner of W72 and Columbus, near Le Pain Quotidien? I heard murmurings of wine bar for that space as well.

    2. i agree that onera/kefi is the biggest news.

      two wine bars opened on columbus - one is near w71 (bin 71) and the other is near w74 (roses and wine???)

      earthen oven (indian) opened on w72 and columbus to replace columbus grill . it is fantastic. read the reviews on it is always packed, the food is fabulous and trhe service is great.

      lime leaf thai (from w108) is opening a second location on w72 bet brdwy and columbus. in my opinion, it is decent food but definitely not authentic

      funky diner opened on columbus and 82nd. others may disagree but i'd say, "stay away".
      it's overpriced with bad service and mediocre food: $8 for a dish of fries which looked like they were frozen!!! the aioli was horrible and the supposed vinegar was missing from my order as well as from my server's mind.

      there are two gelato places opening one on amsterdam near the W80s and one on
      brdwy in the w70s.

      mama goos closed already on amsterdam in the w70s and was replaced by luigi's which is somehow always crowded even though the food is not good.

      abitino's pizza opened a takeout location on brdwy near w76. pizza is good but the place is very small and they close far earlier than new pizza town

      this may be old news but buttercup bakery opened on w72 bet columbus and amsterdam . not the best cupcakes ever but worth a try. i lke the chocolate on chocolate and the red velvet cupcakes.

      old news here too but coldstone creamery opened in the same location but on the south side of w72 . it's not bad and worth the experience at least once. all the xtra topping are chopped and mashed right in front of you.

      it looks like water moon (pan asian) is opening on columbus in the w80s; however, this is taking forever . they have another location in westchester. it looks good.

      monsoon's is gone (sniffle) but i've heard just yesterday from this site and after a long search , that the chef opened a place on 7th ave and w15th , many of the menu items look similar but it is far more expensive than monsoon's

      curious to see what else others know . welcome back to the world of food. please provide us with feedback after you get out there again.

      1. There is another wine bar by the same people as Bin 71 called Barcibo Enoteca on broadway around 69th I think. Its a really cute place, creative menu. We either had sardines or anchovies (it was a few weeks ago and I was drinking...) and crostini w/mozz and tomato, both were really good and very reasonable.

        Theres another new bakery on amsterdam b/w 78th and 79th and they have really beautiful things, I've only had the cupcakes and they were the hit of the superbowl party.

        I noticed that a branch of vynl (from Hell's Kitchen) is opening on columbus in the 80s.

        1. Picholine re-opened after a complete refurbishment. I haven't been recently, but from what I understand, they've expanded bar dining and added a small plates menu.

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            VYNL opened on Columbus and 84th a couple of weeks ago. Had brunch there with kids who loved the whole rock n roll theme, Food was very good and reasonably priced. Brunch for 2 kids and 2 adults came to about $50. Definately a welcome addition to UWS.

          2. i had no idea about vinyl !! thanks so much. i am familiar with the one near hell's kitchen.