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Mar 9, 2007 10:17 AM

Coffee and Food in Seattle?

I am going to seattle for the first time and need to get tips on places to eat. I am not too big on eating meat but occasionally I will have chicken or Seafood. Also would like to try some local coffee shops.
Any suggestions?


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  1. What area of town will you be in?

    1. I will be in downtown/seattle center.

      1. We have a local place called Starbucks, they have a few locations around the city.

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          Are you sure? Sounds familiar but I can't place the name.

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            Starbuck's # 1, the first store, is in the Pike Place Market and is worth the trip just to say you were there, as is the trip to Lander to see their Galactic HQ. They do have coffee and some really like it. Then you can go to Vivace, Zeitgeist, Cherry Street, Caffe Vita, or any of a number of other fine places that have benefited greatly from their inspiration by Starbuck's, and compare. While you are at the Lander HQ, you might cross the street to Pho Cyclo, where you will find come of the best Pho in a town that has benefited greatly from our Vietnamese population.

          2. what kind of food do you like and what price range? will you have a car?

            1. There are pretty good veggie options in the International district. It is a short bus ride from Seattle Center.

              Some of my faves are Green Leaf and Tamarind Tree for Vietnamese - the tofu at both places is great but I prefer Green Leaf's. Right next door to Green Leaf is Szechuan Noodle bowl they have really good veggie dumplings and green onion pancake.

              Near twelth and jackson is the Malay Satay Hut and Seven Pepper Stars. (Tamarind Tree is also in this vicinity).

              If you are in the International district - you could also drop by Zeitgeist coffee in Pioneer Square.