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Charleston, SC dining

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Can anyone suggest good restaurants in downtown charleston? Looking for fine food as well as regional specialities.

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  1. There are many, many topics on this very question. If you search back a bit you'll find a ton of good recommendations.

    1. I reccomend the Peninsula Grill for fine dining. I did go a year ago, but the food and atmosphere is top notch, along with the service. You have to try the coconut cake, which is divine. 39 Rue de Jean is also very good. They're supposedly famous for their mussells, though I was not that impressed, the sauce was too heavy. It's nice to go at lunch on a nice day, because they have a nice outdoor dining area and the prices are better. Amazing french fries and a good burger. Good sushi too.
      Three other places that are supposed to be good are FIG, McCrady's and Tristan.

      1. Without a doubt check out Magnolia's, possibly the finest Charleston has to offer. FIG is another great choice, REAL Italian with a highly knowlegable staff.

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          I'm confused. FIG is not an Italian restaurant, they focus on local and fresh food. Could you be thinking about somewhere else?

        2. I think Hominy Grill is among the best in Charleston- we never make a trip to Chas without eating there at least once, usually once for breakfast, once for lunch, once for dinner... They have my favorite Shrimp and Grits, great fried chicken. Chocolate pudding is pretty darn good, too.

          1. Charleston native here - there are so many great restaurants! But for fine food I second McCrady's, love Carolina's and Slightly North of Broad (S.N.O.B. - also featured in NYT 36 Hours in Charleston, which has been on the most emailed list for a couple of days). DO NOT go to Hymans on Meeting Street - supposedly has the best seafood in SC but it's extremely overrated and not worth your time. Fast & French (Gaulart & Maliclet Cafe) on Broad is good too. Enjoy!

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              Totally agree about Hymans. The only people that go there for dinner are tourists and the locals are laughing at them while they stand there in line on a Friday evening.

            2. Magnolia's is so good. I love the seafood and grits. The servers are also really helpful when it comes to wine. I also really like Jestine's. It's downhome, Southern cooking. I had meatloaf, turnip greens, and fried okra there. It was so good. I've never eaten at McCrady's, but we always go there for drinks. I like to get their sparkling wine flights. There's a place for breakfast that we like on Meeting Street that has peach and apple stuffed french toast. I can't remember the name of it (it might be Diana's), but someone else here might remember it. Poogan's Porch always gets a lot of hype, but I didn't like it that much. Last time we were in Charleston (we usually go once a year), we went to this little, hole-in-the-wall restaurant called Cru Cafe. It's on Pinckney Street. You bareley even notice it's there because it just looks like a house. It's really small, so seating is limited. The food was awesome though. You can sit at a bar right next to the kitchen, which is what we did. My husband had a pabloano and and mozzarella stuffed fried chicken that was great. I had a special with shrimp and scallops. It was very well prepared. I wanted to try to a dessert, but we were too full. A few years ago we went to Bocci's on Church Street. I thought it was good Italian food at the time, but we haven't been back in a few years.

              1. We were there in April and got many excellent suggestions on Chowhound. We chose Jestines for lunch because it was true southern style cooking and it was good, I had the fried chicken and coca cola cake, I enjoyed desert most of all. For dinner we went to Poogans Porch and it was wonderful, great food, reasonable prices and all in a beautiful old home . There are so many great spots I am sure the fellow Chowhounds will give you lots more choices. Enjoy the city, we cant wait to go back and spend more than a day there.