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Fine Dining in San Diego Conference center area

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Anyone have suggestions for GOOD food, cost no object, need to impress clients within walking distance or possibly cab ride around the conference center? Prefer not steakhouse or sushi---need good food, atmosphere and service. Dakota and Osetra were recommended and did not at all live up to expectations.

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    1. Walking distance? Oceanaire.

      Really short cab ride, or a very long walk - The Westgate Hotel or possibly Grant's Gill in the U.S. Grant Hotel. Hotel dining in San Diego isn't insipid, and often better than free-standing restaurants.

      Short cab ride - Bertrand's at Mr. A's. 13th or 14th floor resto, only restaurant with downtown views. Food is usually pretty good. If you need to impress this is not a bad choice - http://www.bertrandatmisteras.com/men...

      1. Oceanaire; Dobson's; concur re Bertrand's which also has a magnificent view of city, bay, ocean