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Mar 9, 2007 09:53 AM

Brunch in Federal Hill or close by

I'm having brunch on Sunday, Mar. 18. with a former co-worker who will be in the city. She's going to a wedding that afternoon and will have a limited amount of time. Any good brunch places, preferably reasonably priced, where we can make reservations?

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  1. I would get dim sum at Chinatown Cafe a mile or two uptown (good food, potentially awful service). People like the Harvest Table in Locust Point for brunch, with live music (I believe), but I have never been there. Spoons is good for a coffeehouse/sofa vibe; food is okay. Rallo's is an old-school diner-y option; I prefer their lunch to their brunch, though maybe you can order either.

    At any rate, I think a similar thread was posted recently, so you might want to check for it.

    1. When in the Federal hill area and looking for brunch...give HULL STREET B LUES
      a shot

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        Hull Street's food is only slightly below average for any corner bar. I work very close to Hull Street and avoid eating there. I don't understand any recommendation to eat there.

        1. re: mez

          Have you been to their brunch? I haven't been any other time, but their brunch was pretty good.

      2. Don't all the cool kids in Federal Hill go to Little Havana? I don't know if you can make a reservation, but I've always had a really good time there, when I've been. Get the little churros with chocolate dipping sauce! Mmmm, chocolate dipping sauce. Although I supposed much of LH's appeal is the bottomless mimosas and/or bloody marys, and if your friend is going to an afternoon wedding, she might not want to arrive tanked. Maybe. I don't know your friend.

        1. Go to Little Havana for the Bloody Marys and Mimosas, although their menu isn't bad - just not your typical 'brunch'. Try Hull Street Blues or The Wine Market, both have very nice brunches and don't really cater to the 'let's get hammered' crowd.