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Mar 9, 2007 09:44 AM

Spiegelau wine glasses in the Bay Area?

I am trying to complete a set of Spiegelau wine glasses I got from K&L in the last year or two. They no longer carry Spiegelau at all and I am hoping to find someone in the area(although I'd travel a bit if needed)who does.
I have some white and some red, of which series I am a little unsure. K&L believes they used to have the Vino Grand series, but when looking on line, I found mine resembled the Vinovino series more.
I am hoping to find a retailer/restaurant that has one or the other so I might compare before buying online.
Anyone familiar with these glasses? I really like the way the feel, and they are not over the top big the way a lot of Riedel is.
Come to think of it, Chez Panisse used to use these downstairs...maybe I'll give them a call.
Any and all help is appreciated!

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  1. This is secondhand, but a friend of mine told me recently that The Wine Club carries Spiegelau glasses; however, on their website they sell Schott Zwiesel, so she may be incorrect. Probably worth a call though:

    The Wine Club
    953 Harrison Street
    San Francisco, CA 94107
    Phone: 800.966.7835 415.512.9086

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    1. re: cjp

      They do indeed have the Vino Grand series, will check it out tomorrow. Thanks so much!

    2. Riedel purchased Spiegelau so they may not be made any more.

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      1. re: rtmonty

        I read this as well, but have also read Riedel still plans on making the Spiegelau glasses.
        Hoping to figure out what series I actually own after visiting The Wine Club.
        Note to self: Must remember to write these things down!
        Thanks cjp!

      2. Here's a source we've used:

        You can't look and feel first, but they're good about returns if there's something not quite right.

        1. Thanks everyone! I was able to pick up the Chardonnay glasses tonight at the Wine Club and I just ordered the Bordeaux through You guys rock.

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