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Mar 9, 2007 09:10 AM

The Harrison - a stellar dish to report

The ricotta cavatelli with braised rabbit, escarole, mint and natural jus is quite simply fabulous, one of the best items that I have eaten anywhere in a while. And we only got it by default as it was delivered to our table courtesy of the chef as a result of one of our dining party knowing the sommelier. Available either as an appetiser or an entree.

Also got the lowdown on the restaurant group. They've effectively bought each other out so Jimmy Bradley now owns The Harrison and The Red Cat and Danny Abrams has the Mermaid Inn. An excellent trio of restaurants in my opinion.

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. Can you tell me if the rabbit was in thick chunks or more like ground meat?? Also, how minty is this?? I've been fascinated by this dish, but not a fan of mint in savory dishes...thanks

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        Sure. The rabbit was ground and there were only smatterings of it. I'll let you into a little secret - I've only ever eaten rabbit twice in my life as I used to have a favourite pet rabbit as a kid! Like I say, this wasn't a conscious order but came to us as a complimentary. I think that's what they call serendipity.

        And no mint flavour that I could make out - I was surprised to learn that there was any mint in there at all.

        1. re: oonth

          had this dish last night. it was good but nothing i would think of as transcendent. i never went to the harrison or any of the sister restaurants before. its kind of strange but i usually go to restaurants based on the food. this place seems to be more known all around as a good restaurant but not necessarily by their food.

          it was a nice place and enjoyable but the food was relatively meh. i had the pork tenderloin for an entree which was a bit dry in places and the lemon tart for dessert which was okay.