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Mar 9, 2007 09:07 AM

Dessert around Sherbourne / College (or possibly further)?

Is there any good place to catch a nice, preferably *big* afternoon dessert around the Sherbourne / College area? Walking or a short TTC ride away would be ideal, but for something spectacular, I'd be willing to travel a little bit further.

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  1. Take-out or dine in? For take-out there's Daniel et Daniel on Carlton just a wee east of Parliament. Not only walking distance, but a rather pleasant walk on a sunny afternoon. For sit-down, I'd suggest you take a walk up Church St between Alexander & Wellesley.

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      Preferably sit down. It's just a friend and I hitting up Allen Gardens and then going for a sugar fix! What's good on Church between Alexander and Wellesley? We'll probably meander up that way, then!

    2. There are many restos, coffee shops, and pubs pressed together in this tiny strip. I'd suggest you just grab your partner, wander and read menus, then go wherever strikes your fancy.

      Personally, I like Byzantium. George Bigliardi's used to have great desserts, but I've not been in a while. I'm also quite fond of Hair of the Dog (great atmosphere for a date BTW). Food's good, drinks are great, I've not had dessert there. Been reading good things about Fuzion, but have not been yet.