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Mar 9, 2007 08:35 AM

help choosing steakhouse

Hi...I will be in NYC next month for a few days and on one of the nights I would like to try one of these steakhouses. BLT Prime, Quality Meats or Porter House New York. I've been to Luger's ( outstanding ) but this time I'd like to try something new. If someone wants to suggest another place that's better than these three, I'm interested ! Thanks!

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  1. I have not been to the three you've listed, but if you have never been to Keens, that would be my pick. Excellent food and unmatchable old NY ambiance.


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      I agree. I love Keens, and it's perfect for visitors to NYC. Steaks, prime rib, and the famous mutton chop are all much-loved on this board. It's even better if you like Scotch after dinner (or before, or during) as they have a completely incredible Scotch menu as well.
      I've found the service there to be excellent and friendly too.

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        another vote for keens. beef is dry aged. scotch selection is the best in manhattan. the history, going back to the lamb's club, is mind boggling.

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          Well, they have been in that location since 1885. Memorabilia filling the walls and all those rows of old clay smoking pipes suspended from the ceilings. And I love checking out the pipes belonging to famous people that are displayed in cases in the vestibule.

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            a seriously good food place... with history.

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              I'll throw my hat in the ring for Keens as well - I took my coworkers there last year, who are all big steak eaters and have tried Luger's, the Palm, etc. and even they admitted that it was a great place. Good martinis, too, and a good wine & scotch selection.

      2. I would only go to Porter House if you want a nice view and atmosphere, I would not go for the food. BLT Prime was okay when I was lthere last but the meat had a surprising lack of flavor, it may have been an off night. I have not been to Quality Meats yet but I hear mixed reviews.

        1. if you went to lugers (the best) and want something different...id say quality meats. keens is my second favorite but its very similar...especially as their porterhouse for 2 if only topped by lugers.

          quality meats is a modern take on a steakhouse...excellent service and very gluttonously amazing food. the corn creme brulee, gnocchi and cheese are must have side dishes. their rib steak is good but i find it a bit rough as its served on the bone...sometimes a little too fatty.

          1. Try Sparks in midtown. Great history and their NY sirloin strip is best in town

            1. I would go to Smith and Wollensky Grill. A very relaxed atmosphere and personally, my favorite steak in the city - The Bone In Cajun Rib Eye....fantastic