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Mar 9, 2007 08:21 AM

Near Alamodome or btwn Austin & San Antonio?

I'll be coming down from Austin in a couple of weeks for the NCAA regionals at the Alamodome. Can anybody recommend good pre-game eats either on the way or near the Alamodome? We're planning to go through Lockhart/Luling on Saturday, but I'm looking for something for before the Thursday games.

I'm not looking for Le Reve. Something relatively inexpensive that won't take to long -- but delicious.


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  1. If you're just looking for a quick bite in a casual atmosphere, her'e s a few near by options.
    That are within walking distance from the dome...
    In St. Paul Square
    Aldaco's Mexican in Sunset Station
    Alibi's Bar and Grill on Commerce in the square
    There's a great burger place up the road on commerce past Hackberry called Fatty's.
    Great family run burger place.
    Depending who you talk to some may say to drive there, but I've walked before.
    Right on the other side of the highway there's RiverCenter Mall too, which has some options.
    You can take a trolley from Sunset Station into downtown and hit up any of the places there. For game food, that's not too badly priced. I'd say Schilo's Deli on Commerce.
    Lots of dogs, brawts, brew at a reasonable price.
    Check out some of the stuff in the area
    Hope some of these help.