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Mar 9, 2007 08:18 AM

Grain and Salt in Allston

I had lunch at Grain and Salt yesterday, and it lived up to its high recommendations. The decor is brightly colored and comfortable, and we got a warm greeting from the owner when we arrived. I was freezing when I arrived, and he immediately recommended a hot cup of chai, which was delicious. We ordered samosas first. The spices were just right and the sauces on the side were clearly freshly prepared and tasty. I ordered murgh makhani and my husband ordered chicken korma. Both were made with perfectly tender, flavorful chicken. The rice was cooked just right and colored in gorgeous yellows and oranges, with fresh peas interspersed. It was almost too beautiful to eat! The naan arrived at our table steaming hot from the oven. Everything that we ate was perfectly textured and flavored. The service was excellent and enthusiastic.

The next time that we go, I plan on ordering from the Indian-Chinese section of the menu.

Check this place out!

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      Green Line - B line, get off at Harvard Avenue and it's about 3-4 blocks. Or get the 57 bus out of Kenmore, get off at Harvard Ave. Even closer - take the 66 bus from Harvard Square, get off at Hano Street and walk back about one block.

    2. address? 231 or 431 cambridge st?

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        Don't know the street address, but it's between Cafe Brazil and Bo Thai on Cambridge Street in Allston.

      2. it's 431. certain webpages need to change their misinformation. great haleem

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          How does their haleem compare with Madina Market's?

        2. never had it at madina market

          1. We finally went there after reading a lot of raves on this site, and are happy to report that the raves are right!

            The weekend specials are long-cooked stews, we had a nice beef shank with heavily accented ginger. The chicken biryani was one of the best I have had that was not homemade, and the okra was perfect. The setting is nice and informal, the staff are friendly, and we will be happy the next time we go.

            Madina market also has fantastic food, this place has the added advantage of comfort. It's a bit of good luck to live around here.