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Mar 9, 2007 07:59 AM

Miami Breakfast/Brunch and Dinner

First trip to Miami. Staying in Coral Gables. Looking for dinner recommendations in South Beach for next Friday and breakfast/brunch ideas for Saturday morning. Anything quintessentially Miami (but not a tourist trap) that my wife and I shouldn't miss?

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  1. If it's something quintessentially Miami in South Beach it'd be Joe's Stone Crab.

    Breakfast in Coral Gables is kind of boring. There's Boudoir on Ponce and Miracle Mile. The cafe at books & books might also serve breakfast.

    1. The place for breakfast is the Newscafe. Order the YOGURT..all the way!

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        And killer bloody mary's. The sweet-salty-spicy mixture on the rim of the so yummy my brunch companions had to restrain me from enjoying it further with deference to public decency.

      2. Deli Lane in South Miami for a great breakfast/brunch. Their homemade turkey hash with poached eggs is great. Also, super Mimosas and Bloodies.

        1. If you can't get into Joe's, try Joe Allen (yes, I know they are from NY, but so is most of Miami) or China Grill. A nice spot is Wish at the Hotel on South Beach or Mark's South Beach.

          1. That depends. Sobe does not have much of an identity other than a tourist destination. Joe's stone crab is a sobe institiution (it is older than the city itself), maybe the only one (Puerto sagua counts as well but it is a hole in the wall). If you are looking at sobe as a hotspot see and be seen thing then there are a bunch of places you can go to. Let me know if you are leaning towards hotspot type places and I will name them.

            Just to be clear there are no sobe alternatives to Joes if that is what you are looking for. The other places mentioned have nothing of the history nor do they match the experience of going to joes. Put it this way, if they were gone tomorrow, they would not be missed 1/100th as much as joes.

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              I totally agree with tpigeon on Joes. I am a Miami native over 50 years old and it is one of the VERY few Miami institutions left. The trick is either go early or late, or for lunch, go up to the maitre'd and give him a 20 or 50 dollar handshake. Sit at the great bar, have a drink or two, they will be well made and generous pours, and wait. The handshake will take effect and depending on how many judges, senators, ceos and others are ahead of you, you will get in for the quintessential Miami experience. Just make sure to go between October 15 and May 15, because that is stone crab season.

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                The wait is part of the fun, watching the Bentleys pull up and your glass has a fair pour. I like their line "before sobe, Joe be". It is the only place this side of Saudi Arabia where you can get the colossal size stone crab claw - a thing of beauty in its own right. phneale: you must remember the old Miami Beach Kennel Club, which occupied the present location!