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Mar 9, 2007 07:59 AM

The Village Market

When Yum closed its doors on Market Street recently, San Francisco lost a little gem. There must be other little sparklers thriving in our neighborhoods. Where are they?

The Village Market has been on the corner of 8th Avenue @ California for 15 years, offering organic produce, fresh-cut bouquets of flowers, breads, cheese, wines, pastas, olive oils and vinegars, chocolates and hard-to-find Kettle chips (Three cheese and Buffalo Bleu flavors).

The Village Market
4555 California St.

I popped in their door for the first time yesterday when I found a parking space in front - searching for an unmetered space while I browsed Clement Street...and, came out the door with two Dagoba chocolate bars ($2.49) - the Seeds and the Super Fruit.

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  1. Yes, this place is great. Their flowers are really nice and they have some interesting foodstuffs.

    1. This is the original Village Market. They also have their second location in the Ferry Building, but it lacks the coziness and mood of the original on California.