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Looking for two sandwiches

Every now and again I get a yen for a great Monte Christo Sandwich.
Does anyone know if they are even served anymore and where?
And...it seems to me I saw a turducken sandwich on a local menu somewhere but can't remember which restaurant. Can anyone help me out here?
Turducken from Seisels was great for Christmas but the real surprise was the gravy. It was so rich from the duck that you could drink it! I will definitely do that one again. Anxious to try a sandwich of turducken, actually I never thought of it in a sandwich but why not?

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  1. Just had a good Monte Christo at the little place on Adams avenue, Cafe 2121. It was the blackboard special the day we ate there and it was quite delicious -- old time comfort food, not at all trendy but so satisfying.
    . . . jim strain in san diego.

    1. Thanks, Jim. I'll take your word or it any day! I'll be sure to try it.
      Have you ever had a turducken sandwich? I'm really curious about that one.

      1. I know it's a chain so please don't throw rocks at me... but I recently attended a birthday dinner at Bennigan's in Mission Valley and they had a monte cristo on the menu. Can't vouch for it's authenticity or greatness, but it's there all the time.

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          Thanks for the response. No rocks. Never can tell where we may end up eating.
          Now for that turducken sand. I know I saw it on an online menu but can't remember which one. Someone has to know, it's not that ordinary.

        2. Only place I ever tasted (or even heard of) a turducken sandwich was in our kitchen -- but, alas, the makings are all gone. Seriously, I don't recall ever having seen turducken on a menu anywhere, but I don't know why not.
          . . . jim strain in san diego.

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            Here's a p.s. on the Turducken. Di said she thought she remembered seeing that sandwich on the memo at the restaurant that used to occupy the space where Blue Water Grill is now. Can't remember the name of it, but it had upscale ambitions, and we remember the food as being very good. Hope that helps.
            . . . jim

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              I think you're referring to Sassafras- it was a cool spot with good food. We were sad to see it go.

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                That's it! And I agree totally, though I do like Blue Water Grill.
                . . . jim strain in san diego.

          2. It' out of the county, but there is a good Monte Cristo at the Cedar Creek Inn in San Juan Capistrano. They have a couple other locations. www.cedarcreekinn.com.

            1. The ONLY thing to order from the Blue Bayou restaurant, overlooking the Pirates of the Carribean ride in Disneyland's version of New Orleans' French Quarter, is their famous Monte Cristo sandwich. It has been a standard for several dozen years.

              1. Thank you, all. Yes, we miss Saffron.
                I do remember the MC sand at Disneyland, MANY years ago. I'll keep looking for the turducken and let you know if I find it.

                1. You can still get trudcucken at the New Orleans themed resteraunt in downtown Disney, in Anemiem. You do not need to have admission to the park to go there. The turducken was not that great.

                  1. Last time I looked, the dining room (not the Fountainbleu) at the Westgate Hotel in downtown San Diego had a Monte Christo on the lunch menu.

                    The lunch room at the now defunct Buffums department store in Fashion Valley served the best MC. I miss that place.

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                      I agree, Buffums had the best, although i was only 9 or 10 years old at the time, it was my favorite place to eat with my mom and grandma, I always ordered the monte cristo. I am trying to find a good recipe for my husband to re-create, he's the cook. :-)

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                        I used to really like the "ladies lunch" salad though I cringe at that title now - It was chicken salad on a plate of greens with this really good date nut bread - perfect for my little 8 year old sweet tooth!

                    2. Overall the food at Madona Inn in San Luis Obispo, is over priced and not great. However, I would say that the Monte Cristo from their cafe is one of the most memorable meals I have had there.

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                        I have to disagree re: the food at the Madonna Inn being not that great, though I have to admit it is a little pricey. We ate there on a recent vacation and had a stellar steak dinner and two wonderful breakfasts. The first one was so good we drove all the way from Big Sur to have breakfast there a second time. They have their own bakery and buy their meat locally, and they know their wines. We had a great Eberle Cabernet from Paso that was recommended by our server. The woman who runs the wine store is also very knowledgeable and friendly. We were a little surprised because it seems like kind of a tourist trap, but it's family owned and they really take care with customer service, etc.

                      2. Dakota, in the gaslamp, offers a classic Monte Cristo (at least at lunch).

                        I'd not had one in years (having been introduced to the sandwich, as so many have, by the Blue Bayou in Disneyland), and this was better than the few other renditions I've tried since -- most of those have been at chains.

                        It is very heavy, though, and i could scarcely approach finishing it -- much less the fries it came with.

                        1. There is a Monte Cristo at the new Urban Solace restaurant, I haven't tried it, but everything else I've had there has been very good.

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                            The Monte Diego at Urban Solace is pretty decent. It's kind of an updated version of the old Monte Cristo (or Monte Greasto as some of my employees used to refer to it) in that it's not deep fried. My friend ordered it and we both liked it, the pear conserves that came with it was really good and a great accent to the sandwich.