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Mar 9, 2007 07:42 AM

Goody Glovers - Worth a Try?

I pass by this place often and have never ventured in. Would love to know what everyone else thinks. I've seen a few favorable write-ups.

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  1. was there tuesday night. didn't get anything too adventurous- i.e short ribs etc. went with a standard bacon swiss burger with a fried egg on top. ordered rare and served rare. pretty good fries too. companion got the spinach dip. prices are unbeatable, and i like the fried egg option on the burger- you don't see that too often. overall, pretty good. would go back again.

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    1. re: thekidd

      fried egg option sounds awesome...thanks

    2. Pegmeister, the food there is surprisingly good. And very reasonably priced.

      You gonna be at Pete's tonight? Only a few days until we're all shuttled upstairs.

      And then the end begins.

      1. I'm really sad about losing the old Pete's. Can't call it Durty Nellies because I've been to the real one. Do you know why type of menu they're planning for upstairs?

        1. I've had some pretty decent short ribs and mashed there. If it's not too crowded it can be kind of nice.

          1. Corned Beef egg rolls = AWESOME

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              I live around the corner and have been wondering about those forever. Do they only serve food upstairs? Is it depressingly empty (as it was when it was the pseudo-tapas place) or are they doing OK?