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Mar 9, 2007 07:32 AM

Philly chinatown

Anyone have any Chinatown recommendations? I have been going to shiao lan kung since i was a girl (15+ years) and need to branch out so I can confirm that it is indeed the best...:) just kidding. I have been to both Vietnams and Lee How Fook (love the lot of them) and Kingdom (good not great) and would love some advice. My birthday is on Tuesday and my boyfriend has agreed to take me out for Asian food, I would love to have recommendations!

Also, if anyone has been to Nam Phuong on 11th and Washington, please let me know how you liked it!)

Yay Friday, Yay food!

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  1. Another Shiao Lan Kung lover here, who also enjoys Lee How Fook. Have you tried Charles Plaza, at the far end of 10th Street? Focus is on healthy, so think seafood and vegetarian dishes. Delicious and Charles will make a fuss over you, whether you are a large party or a single diner. I've not had a meal there I didn't enjoy.

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      never have, at that coincides with a less-meat life mine has become lately. fussing can be good or bad, but as long as the food is good i am a happy camper! thank you!

    2. I love Shiao Lan Kung too. If you like spicy food, Szechuan Tasty House is great--try the golden coins--though the non-szechuan stuff isn't anything special. Sang Kee is great for peking duck and noodle soups. My non-Chinese faves are Rangoon (Burmese) and Banana Leaf (Malaysian), Both are fantastic, and quite different than Chinese. Enjoy!

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        i love spicy, but the 'super-taster' boyfriend (or so he claims) is not a fan. rangoon is delicious, i forgot about that place but have never been to the banana leaf. sweet. and a thank you to you too. will have to try the tasty house solo, but that is not a problem at all...:)

      2. Nam Phuong has a great cook but the house has been so disorganized the last 2-3 times we were there. The down side is the timing of food orders. We had appertizers that came way after we're done with entrees (we had even ordered a family-style dinner); long lags between entrees arriving (one diner eating while the other looks on for 20-30 minutes) ... but the food is freshly prepared and delicious. We'll go back but it's taking me a while to get over the last dinner there...

        1. Four Rivers, a couple doors west of Shiao Lan Kung is pretty good

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            I don't like saying this, because the people at Four Rivers are super nice and friendly, but their food has gone downhill in the past few years. I confirmed this (again) with an experience there a few days ago that included ma po dou fu with beancurd that wasn't super fresh, and overall the dishes had a sour flavor instead of the expected Sichuan 'ma la' (spicy hot and numbing). Even the cold spicy cucumber app isn't so spicy hot any more. I did like the julienned pig ear cold app, good chewy texture. I'm usually a sucker for eggplant, but the eggplant chicken had the same overall sour flavor of the rest of the food. So disappointing. I hear the chef hasn't changed from a few years ago when they were excellent, so I don't know what's up.

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              That's unfortunate to hear because I used to go there often for a couple years, but left the area about 2 years ago. I've wanted to go back there when visiting but haven't had the chance... hopefully (or not!) I'll have a chance to confirm your view, Dib. I was just telling a friend yesterday to go to Four Rivers...