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Restaurant Recs for Savannah needed

I will leaving CT for a vacation in Savannah for the first week in April, and need restaurant recommendations. All price ranges and foods welcome.

Thank you in Advance!!!!

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  1. I was about to post the same request, but I need suggestions NOW (I am halfway there for a 4 day stay). Need lunch and dinner recs. Not afraid to go outside downtown or to great dives.


    1. I have had two great meals at Elizabeth on 37th and would go back again.

      1. Wife and I had a great, great dinner at Garibaldi a couple of weeks ago. Loved the space, service and food.

        1. We enjoyed a really nice, low key but great food meal at Sapphire Grill. Been a couple of years though.

          1. Thanks so much!! Keep them coming...I have 21 meals in the area waiting for me. :)

            1. Moon River Brewing Company has good food and EXCELLENT beer.

              1. Georges on Tybee Island is one of the best places in the area. Great food and wine list

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                  Agreed. Also on Tybee is Tango. Go for Sunday brunch.

                2. Somes ideas for Savannah: Gryphon Tea Room for lunch. run by students fromt he art school and located in a beautiful old apothecary shop with lots of mahogany, marble, and stained glass. Tubby's Tank House on River Street is a great informal 'Key West' type place. Good seafood, upstairs deck looking out on the river and live music. Check their website.An evening favorite for my bunch is Jazz'd Tapas Bar. Great menu and the best martinis on the planet. Try the plumsaketini. Clary's on Jones St. is a "local place". Not fancy but great food and an old soda fountain. ck www.jazzdsavannah.com. Hope this helps

                  1. Somebody posted this a while back, can't vouch for any of it as I don't get there until May


                    1. Thanks. I will let you know where I went and how the food was after the trip.

                      1. Mrs. Wilkes at 107 West Jones St. in the historic district is about as good as authentic southern cooking gets. Avoid the Lady and Sons. Elizabeth's on 37th is overpriced but nice elegant food.

                        1. North Beach Grill is Georges' original place on the beach. Just a screened in shed really, but a great place for beers & apps or they also have great jerk pork. Very informal, but great.