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Mar 9, 2007 07:25 AM

SiSi's in Thornbury

Anyone been there lately? I hear they have new owners and we are heading there this weekend and wondering what to expect.

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  1. my parents went, they ate there for years and said it's actually better than ever.
    Also, the Mill Cafe is at the top of their game.

    1. I've never been but I've always wondered about SiSi's. It looks cute. I love The Mill Cafe as well, I agree with mutant4 - it's great.

      Does anyone remember Harbour Hill Pavillion restaurant in Thornbury? It overlooked the Marina but closed down several years ago. That was a sad day....some of my best memories of summer include that restaurant's patio and their fried chicken.

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        We went to SiSis just after I posted this in March and I would have to say I was not impressed. The service was very good but the food was terrible and overpriced. I ordered "ahi tuna" which I was assured would be a thick chunk of tuna seared and served rare....not exactly, came out and was a piece about a centimetre thick and cooked grey through and through. Inedible in my opinion. I complained and they did prepared me another piece that was somewhat better, but not exactly rare either. The accompaniment was also not as was primarily salty noodles as an accompanimant which was certainly not what I was expecting given it was under the entree, not pasta section. The server was very nice and gave us a free dessert and apologized a number of times, but the food was just too disappointing. I would give it a 6 out of 10 at best and won't be hurrying to return. P.S. everybody else's food also got the "just ok" rating. The other selections were a lamb shank and the pasta of hte day which was a creamy seafood thing with those awful tiny pink "salad shrimp".