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Mar 9, 2007 06:53 AM

Toaster Strudel

For all you folks trying to find POP-TART replacements and not happy with Nature's Path or even Kellogg's G0-TARTS, the old Pilsbury Toaster Strudels are back under the O/U again after losing their hashgacha years ago. They are in the freezer section and have to be toasted....and I happen to think they're not all that bad. Flavors are:
Cinnamon Roll with Cinnabon™ Cinnamon
Chocolate Fudge with Hershey’s® Chocolate
Cream Cheese
Cream Cheese & Raspberry
Cream Cheese & Strawberry


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  1. A decent product to be sure, but they are not PopTarts. My periodic campaigns to Kellogg's have not meet with any success. I have argued that the unfrosted PopTarts do not contain gelatin and use a jam filling that is kosher certified. I think a full e-mail barrage to the company is in order. Lest we forget, Eggos were not always kosher.

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      From what I remember as a kid, toaster strudels were ALWAYS better than PopTarts in a head to head flavor comparison. I ate both as a kid growing up, and PopTarts were only ever good for the extra creative flavors like S'mores, etc. If you compare a plain strawberry PopTart or even a frosted strawberry PopTart a strawberry Toaster Strudel is always going to be better with better filling, the soft flaky crust, and the satisfying icing which you could easily use less of. Pop Tarts are just better for a sugar rush.

    2. I do remember in 2007 that Toaster Strudel was kosher, but I've checked several times over the years since then, and as yet I haven't seen it go back kosher since around that time. What happened?

      1. From the OU website.
        Consumer Alerts and Advisories

        June 22, 2007
        Pillsbury Toaster Strudel Pastries

        Brands: Pillsbury
        Products: Toaster Strudel Pastries (All Varieties)
        Company: General Mills- Minneapolis, MN
        Issue: Due to ongoing changes in production, selected varieties of these products will no longer bear the OU symbol effective immediately. Eventually all varieties of these products will stop being certified and labeled kosher. All products that bear the OU symbol are certified by the Orthodox Union. As always, the public is encouraged to check for the OU symbol on every product that is purchased."