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Mar 9, 2007 06:32 AM

Tragic losses in Be-More

Yikes, I have recorded two losses in the Baltimore area in the last week. First, I was driving down West Pratt the other day and saw that Bombay Bazaar is gone. I was not hugely surprised, as the Sikh couple that ran it were probably septaguenarians (and the neighborhood is not exactly the most conducive to doing legal business). However, it was my favorite source for South Asian ingredients, and they frequently had items that you would not find elsewhere. Very sad.

The kicker though was that Golden Gate Noodle House is no more. This is a true tragedy for anyone who likes Chinese Noodle soups. The place was vacant with some equipment scattered around. No idea what happened here. I am even sadder.

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  1. Where was Golden Gate, Towson?

    1. Yep. Across from the kabob place on Allegeny. I used to make pilgrimages there. Roast Pork Wonton Noodle Soup...*sigh*...

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      1. re: aubzamzam

        Really? Wow, that's terrible. I didn't get up there as much as I wanted because I didn't get to that area much, but I'm sad that it's gone. I know that the owners worked really really hard there.

        BTW, I still lament the loss of Braznell's.

      2. I still miss La Vida Loca in Canton from 8 years ago or so (where Jack's is located now). Horrible name, great inexpensive Cuban food and closed inexplicably after a few months. Chef Homero knew his stuff. And much as I like Saffron, Chef Kim's new joint, I still mourn Soigne, probably Baltimore's best restaurant ever. Tuesday night omakase, mmm. The kitchen at Saffron just isn't big enough to let the chef really spread out.

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          I still miss Combalou (now Iggie's) and their to-die-for cheese cave. There are no words to describe the amazing goodness of their unpasturized Chaput. I would pick out the one with the moldiest rind, and it was out of this world. Their sit-down light fare (salads, cheese plates) was so nice, and it was BYOB for a while.

          So perfect, so of course it didn't last long. *sigh* Despite all of the good things I hear about Iggie's, I haven't been able to set foot in there because I know it will bring up all sorts of cheese longing in me.

          1. re: venera

            The original Combalou (before it changed ownership) was phenomenal but I have to admit that the first time I set foot in it, I thought "This location? In Baltimore? It will never last". Sadly I was right.

        2. Yes, Combalou is greatly missed. They had a great, light brunch and a nice gourmet groceries selection. On the topic of specialty groceries, I pick up my South Asian ingredients at Punjab Groceries ( 345 E. 33rd St., by Papa John's). A comprehensive selection in a blink-and-you'll-miss-it location, and the produce is fresh. Also, a surprising source for Asian ingredients is at 321 Park Ave (Park between Saratoga and Mullbery). I don't know the name of the store, but it's right next to Chinatown Cafe. The store has Thai, Filipino, Indonesian and Vietnamese groceries as well as Chinese and some Japanese groceries. Let's hear it for living in the city!

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          1. re: MrNoshington

            I love Punjab Halal! Bought a random packet of fish spice mix last time. It's in my neighborhood, and a perfect Saturday morning is a walk to the Farmer's Market, followed by a stop at Punjab Halal to see what's happening. They also have good samosas for sale and very cheap.

          2. I love Punjab too--Mr. Kahn is a sweetheart. It's a great place to pick up spices, and they have rice crispie treats made without geletin for my vegetarian muslim neice!