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Mar 9, 2007 06:30 AM

Dinner recs for Dartmouth area

Dallas Chowhound travelling to Dartmouth for a five-day conference next week. We will be staying in Lebanon and am looking for dinner recommendations for our stay (have car, willing to travel). Local cheap eats and favorites please, as well as good seafood. Thanks in advance for your help!

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  1. We have always liked
    Prince and the Pauper Woodstock VT
    and a little closer and better atmosphere The Parker House Inn in Quechee. Amazing fish specials.
    Mollys is fun for lunch in Hanover.

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      1. Both posters above have made good recc's for you.
        Try Bentley's in Woodstock along with Simon Pearce Restaurant also
        Simon has been recommended many times here before.
        Bentley's is a bar /restaurant that has live entertainment as well(but call ahead to find out which nights there is entertainment;I was going to say every Friday a& Saturday but you'd best check for sure).
        Good pub food is to be found here as well.
        After our away tailgates at Dartmouth we all head to the Seven Barrels Brewery in Lebanon for good beer and great pub food.
        This place is close and is a lot of fun for our tailgating gang.
        A trip to the Long Trail Brewery just outside Woodstock ,in W. Bridgewater,is a lot of fun as well;great beer and good food as well!
        For breakfast try Lou's on Main Street in Hanover.
        Great breakfast and very reasonable.
        For good local flavor try Polka Dot's Diner,on Main Street. in White River Jct.
        A local crowd and good reasonable food on tap.
        You can use the 'search'option on this site to find out more about these places or punch in the namesof these places in your computer search option.
        I know there is a review of Polka Dot's online;that is how we found the place years ago.
        Have fun in Hanover;we really enjoy our annual football games there!

        1. For reviews of (mostly breakfast) places around Dartmouth, check out and click on the "Restaurant Review" tag on the right.

          (I'd give the exact URL, but is down at the moment)

          1. Thanks to all for the recs. We ate at the Canoe Club (great music that night) and had a great time. (The cheese board there is excellent.) We also enjoyed the Norwich Inn and Molly's. We did try to go to The Parker House Inn, but it was closed. (The drive was worth it though!) Thanks again and let me know if I can ever return the favor!