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Mar 9, 2007 06:12 AM

Relaxing in the Afternoon

Hi there,

We're going to be in TO on Saturday and we need a place we can go either for late lunch (1:30ish) or even just mid-afternoon snacks and martinis. Downtown or uptown (Y&E) is fine - not big on 'student' style places. Price is no object.

I'm thinking big chairs, good atmosphere, good service and excellent bartender ;)


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    1. Really? How busy is it on Sat afternoon?

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        1. re: littlegreenpea

          I'm not sure. Thought it was, but maybe I'm wrong. Sounds like it's not the atmosphere you're going for in any event.

          1. re: pescatarian

            I don't know - I've never been there - we meant to go a while ago but didn't make it....

            1. re: kawarthagirl

              I think it would fit the bill for snacks and martinis, good bartender, etc. I am not sure whether it's open on Sat aft and not sure what the crowd would be like, but when I originally suggested it I was thinking it might be ok based on when I've been there (though not a Sat aft). Sounds like you are looking for more of the hotel lounge atmosphere from the other posts on this thread.

      1. I kinda like hotel bars for mid-afternoon relaxing. There are always people coming and going and they have an interesting energy. Four Seasons has a good bar. I like the Royal York Library bar (but they may not open until later in the afternoon). Windosr Arms has a great bar space too.

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        1. re: Rabbit

          My idea exactly - the Library pub. Big chairs, and big martinis!

        2. We were thinking about the four seasons bar......... having always enjoyed Studio Cafe, we thought the bar might be a good alternative.... Thanks!

          1. I've got a good one for you, except that they only serve wine, no cocktails

            Gallery Grill at Hart House, University of Toronto.

            The place is dripping with atmosphere, and the food is excellent.

            They have the big, comfy chairs you're looking for. Nothing like that at JK Wine Bar.

            I think their website is broken, but try this:

            Brunch Menu

            Or the main site is cached at: