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Help! I can't remember the name of a terrific restaurant!

My dad took me out to dinner a few years ago and it was fantastic. I know that we were very near the Boston Centre for the Arts because we saw A Man of No Importance right after dinner. I'm almost positive that its on Tremont street. The restaurant was very small, long and narrow. You had to walk down some steps to get to the host/hostess. I had a steak which was fabulous and my dad had a tomato soup that was a rediculously bright red. This is as much as I can remember! I've searched for it before, but have been unsucessful. The food was really terrific and I'd love to try it again. If anyone can tell me the name or location, I'd really appreciate it!

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  1. Hmmm, a mystery!

    It's not on Tremont, but The Good Life on Kingston (near the Center for the Arts) used to serve an excellent tomato soup. And steaks.

    The narrow upper floor is at ground level, but you do have to walk down a short flght of stairs to get to the lower dining room.

    1. I think you might mean Perdix. Unfortunately it has closed.

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        Could be Perdix, but "a few years ago," it was in JP.

        OP, could you give us a more accurate timeline in terms of the year?

      2. I too was thinking it might be Perdix which is now Pop's. A totally different spot but good, reasonably priced food and I am pleasantly surprised at the friendly and efficient service given how recently they opened.

        Isn't the chef from Perdix at Bouchee now?

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          That would be Tim Partridge, and yes, he is.

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            Tim Partridge was the owner, but not the chef at Perdix. That was Seth Morrison and he now runs the kitchen at The Biltmore in Newton.

        2. I believe it was 2003. Thank you so much for your help!

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            Okay, then I agree: it was probably Perdix (now Pop's, as explained by Lissy above).

          2. I just looked googled some pictures of Perdix and thats definitly the place. So sad to hear it closed, but thank you for helping me with this mystery! Now I will have to try Bouchee!

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              Hounds to the rescue!

              I have to try Pop's too. It's been getting pretty good reviews here.

              If you liked the food at Perdix, you should also try Bouchee, because that's where the Perdix chef is cooking now. French bistro food, somewhat Americanized.



            2. Although it's not small, long and narrow, the down the flight of stairs part made me think of Icarus.

              1. I liked Perdix, too, but Pops is very worthy. Good review of it in The Dig this week.

                The only other steps-down restaurants I can think of nearby are: B&G Oysters, Addis Red Sea, 28 Degrees, and Icarus.

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                  You know, the more I think about it, it's entierly possible that the configuration of Icarus would make one remember it being small, long and narrow, especially a few years later when one's recollection is not so fresh.

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                    Thanks for the suggestion, but I'm pretty positive it was Perdix. I looked at some pictures online and Perdix looks exactly as I remember it. But hey, if the food is good at Icarus, I'll try that out too. I love that in trying to find an old restaurant, I've found several new ones to try. Thank you!

                2. Pre 2001 Truc was also in the same location as Perdix. Never tried Perdix, but Truc was great. The chef was Amanda Lydon at the time I tried it. I think she then moved on to Upstairs on the Square (the zebra bar), but I seem to remember hearing that she is now at Straight Wharf on Nantucket.

                  A couple other fun places to try within a stones throw of that location are B&G Oysters, Sibling Rivalry, Hamersley's and 28 degrees (for drinks)

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                    Yes - I loved Truc, and am a huge fan of Amanda Lyon and Gabriel Frasca (first enjoyed his wonderful cooking at Spire), and know they had gone to Straight Wharf. Did you get there this year? I haven't been, but hope to.