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Mar 9, 2007 06:08 AM

Need help on suggestions around Staples Center

We are going to a concert in a couple of weeks and want to know what restaurants are nearby for dinner. We don't want The Pantry. Our friends aren't into restaurants like we are, but they do like a great dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. We've always stopped in at Roy's for pre & post staples nosh and drinks. I believe that there is a shuttle that runs between staples and the restaurant, but it's only a few blocks from staples. They have great cocktails, and the apps make for a perfect light meal.

    Zucca and Mortons are also reasonably close by (i.e. walking distance), but I personally don't like that kind of heavy dining before a concert/sporting event.

    1. I just dined at Liberty Grill Tuesday evening before seeing a concert. It is literally spitting distance to Staples and you can park and walk. The food was pretty good for a generic type restaurant. Good, if unhealthy apps, and the usual suspects on the entree menu. My ribeye was enjoyable, as were all of my friend's selections. The glass of wine I had to start, a pinot gris, was also lovely. I would recommend this place for conveinence, proximity and the outdoor patio was really sweet as well. The service was not impeccible, but for a decent meal, at a decent price, it is better than some of the other choices. My friend and I actually split a steak, and had plenty to eat, so the meal was completely reasonable. Here is the website:

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        This looks like a great option because it's so close. I usually end up eating in Staples due to time factor, but can't take it anymore.

      2. Zucca is great (those pumpkin raviolis!).

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          Agree. Also, I really like their pizzas.

        2. The palms is right next staples. Great food, great bar if you want to hangout for awhile first.