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Mar 9, 2007 06:06 AM

Las Vegas Seafood

Going to Vegas in May, looking for a good seafood buffet.

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  1. The only seafood buffet I can think of is at the Rio,Never been so I have no other comments...Sorry.

    1. The Rio Seafood buffet has gone done big time. Will you have a car? There are some seafood buffets off the Strip. However, most of them are during the week. I think Main Street, located downtown, has a Friday seafood buffet. The Sterling Buffet, at Baleys, has a lot of seafood on their bufft on Sundaysbut the cost is around $60 per person and requires a reservation.

      1. RM Seafood in the Mandalay Bay! I haven't been there, BUT I've eaten Rick Moonen's seafood for many years when he was in New York, and he IS a master!

        You will have a memorable meal!

        1. If you have a car, try Makino at Flamingo and Decatur (just down the street from the Rio). They also have a new location on Charleston and Rampart.

          1. No car, staying at Flamingo. Years ago they used to have a decent Friday Seafood Bar, anyone know if it's still any good.

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