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Mar 9, 2007 05:54 AM

O Ya - potentially better than Uni

Had an excellent meal at the O Ya. Despite a few opening night kinks in some of the cooking, the food was multifaceted but nuanced and subtle and outstanding on the whole. The meticulously assembled nigiri and sashimi dishes were superior to the cooked dishes from the kitchen. Instead of the Nobu-like dishes at Uni that are now "classics," the dishes at O Ya are of their own. Will post details when I get a chance, but the standouts were the kinmedai sashimi, the daikon "dumplings" with miso-nut filling and the Santa Barbara spot prawn nigiri. Prices are comparable to Uni. Will be exciting to see how this place holds up in the long run.

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  1. Excellent! I'm going to go VERY soon. Maybe even tomorrow.

    "Prices are comparable to Uni."

    How large is the space, lmster? I can't imagine a large-ish place being able to support price points like that.

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      It's not that huge, a bar that maybe seats 20ish, and about the same amount of table seating.

    2. Plus they seem like very nice people.

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        Have to agree! Just got back, and they were such a friendly, welcoming, gracious couple. Getting a chance to meet and talk to them a bit really ended our fantastic meal on a nice note.

        Thanks Limster for your post today. As a fan of Uni, the title caught my eye. I'll do a longer report tomorrow, but immediately after reading your post, I talked E into checking out O Ya tonight.

        WOW. More details later, but ordered the three dishes you mentioned (kinmedai sashimi with white soy, ginger, and lemon oil, daikon dumplings, and the Santa Barbara spot prawns), and splurged on lots of others - grilled lobster with shiso tempura and torched tomato, Kurobuta tonkatsu with cabbage-shiso slaw, the chutoro "Peruvian" with aji and cilantro pesto, foie gras with chocolate, lobster cones, onsen slow-cooked egg, the......Also, we ate at the bar, and Akira, Hiro, and Gucci were terrific, as was our server Vinny. Tried a lot of the creative, unique dishes. Very impressed. Really liked the decor too and the unassuming building - felt like we found a hidden secret and a cozy spot. Though it's not a secret (good for them!) - they were pretty much full the whole time we were there. Perfect service from the moment we were greeted and our coats taken, until we left - you'd never know they've only been open two days.

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          Can't add much to Limster's wonderful comprehensive review below (those daikon dumplings were one of our favorites too), but wanted to mention that Nancy, one of the owners, is a very knowledgeable sake sommelier. Many nice selections, and good recs from our waiter - we started with a sparkling sake I had never had before, then shared a bottle of Hakkaisan Honjozo I think, and were even able to sample a delicious unique 8-year aged sake at the end of our meal.

          We got there a bit after 8:30 and there was one two-top open and 3-4 bar seats. By 9:00 it was full and bustling. Price points/portions are similar to Uni. They mentioned that the menu would obviously change daily depending on seasonal ingredients and availability. We also had dessert - I'd recommend the 'mixed berry crumble' with a creamy sake sabayon garnished with tempura bits. I'm not a chocolate fan but E liked his chocolate and dried cherry pudding cake.

      2. Limster - do they have a website or could you post the address? Have a sushi hound coming to town this weekend and this just might be the ticket.

        1. No web site yet, just e-mail:

          9 East Street off of Atlantic in Leather District.


          Closed Sundays and Mondays

          Owners are very nice. Looking forward to trying the place and supporting them.

          1. i heard they were going to have a steak on the menu for $145. true or false? and what could it possibly be? genius albino kobe?

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            1. re: hotoynoodle

              True. It's an 8 ounce Wagyu sirloin with fries (ultimate steak frites sorta thing).

              1. re: wittlejosh

                a steak that costs 18$ an ounce???? um, no thanks, i think i'll pass.

                1. re: wittlejosh

                  do they momma-bird-baby-bird feed it to you?

                  1. re: hotoynoodle

                    Uni was offering a 2-ounce serving of thinly sliced Wagyu beef served on a hot rock for $80 last weekend. We passed.


                    1. re: BJK

                      lol. AND you have to cook it yourself! :)