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Alternative to Mary's Fish or Pearl's

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We are heading into the city by 4pm today for 7pm Big East Game at the Garden. So, as good Catholic boys and girl, we are looking for a good seafood place that will have us seated by 5:30pm. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know how early they can seat you by, but some alternatives are Black Pearl, BLT Fish, and the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

    1. I would recommend Fish, located on Bleecker and Jones St. I think that at 5:30pm, they have good happy hour specials in addition to their always available raw bar special (6 clams or oysters w/ beer or wine for $8). One of my favorite local places.

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        i also like Fish on Bleecker St.

      2. tides is great

        1. Tides is excellent. And the owner is very friendly. Also, I think Mary's Fish Camp doesn't open until 6 p.m. But Tides website says they open at 5:30 for dinner.

          1. Tides--better than Mary's or Pearl. Also, Mermaid Inn.

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              Are the portions at Tides really small though?

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                I didn't find them small. I had one of my smallest food experiences at Mary's where I had 3 small scallops over a "panzanella salad" (some greens, 2 tomatoes, and 3 croutons) for over $20.

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                  Wow- that's awful! Never experienced that- I always get the lobster roll at Pearl and Mary's. How is Tides compared to theirs?

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                    I was v. disappointed with Tides in general, and the lobster roll in particular, when I was there - thought the lobster was rubbery and I think there was dill in it, which didn't appeal.

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                      I haven't had the lobster roll at Tides. I've always ordered something else.

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                        Every few months, they change the menu's theme. When they do, they change the seasonings in the lobster roll. Right now, it's a Norwegian theme; ergo, the dill. I recall hearing that in the past, they've used basil.

                        We were there at the end of the summer. I think the theme may have been Greek. I don't remember what seasoning was in the lobster roll my husband had, but he was very happy with it. I started with a salad. Fine but not extraordinary. We both had whole fish, which was cooked perfectly and was delicious. We also had a very tasty dessert though no memory now of what it was.

                        MMRuth previously mentioning problems with service. That really surprised me because when we were there, Steven, the owner and a super guy, was on top of things, and service couldn't have been nicer and more efficient.

                        And, btw, I love the space!

              2. How about Shaffer City?


                1. Tides is wonderful. The whole fish is particularly good. Simple - grilled with herbs etc. Friendly service. Also, unlike Mary's, they take reservations.

                  1. Fish on Bleecker nr. 7th - next to John's near Cones