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Mar 9, 2007 05:39 AM

Alternative to Mary's Fish or Pearl's

We are heading into the city by 4pm today for 7pm Big East Game at the Garden. So, as good Catholic boys and girl, we are looking for a good seafood place that will have us seated by 5:30pm. Any suggestions?

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  1. I don't know how early they can seat you by, but some alternatives are Black Pearl, BLT Fish, and the Grand Central Oyster Bar.

    1. I would recommend Fish, located on Bleecker and Jones St. I think that at 5:30pm, they have good happy hour specials in addition to their always available raw bar special (6 clams or oysters w/ beer or wine for $8). One of my favorite local places.

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        i also like Fish on Bleecker St.

        1. Tides is excellent. And the owner is very friendly. Also, I think Mary's Fish Camp doesn't open until 6 p.m. But Tides website says they open at 5:30 for dinner.

          1. Tides--better than Mary's or Pearl. Also, Mermaid Inn.

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              Are the portions at Tides really small though?

              1. re: roze

                I didn't find them small. I had one of my smallest food experiences at Mary's where I had 3 small scallops over a "panzanella salad" (some greens, 2 tomatoes, and 3 croutons) for over $20.

                1. re: Lucia

                  Wow- that's awful! Never experienced that- I always get the lobster roll at Pearl and Mary's. How is Tides compared to theirs?

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                    I was v. disappointed with Tides in general, and the lobster roll in particular, when I was there - thought the lobster was rubbery and I think there was dill in it, which didn't appeal.

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                      I haven't had the lobster roll at Tides. I've always ordered something else.

                      1. re: Lucia

                        Every few months, they change the menu's theme. When they do, they change the seasonings in the lobster roll. Right now, it's a Norwegian theme; ergo, the dill. I recall hearing that in the past, they've used basil.

                        We were there at the end of the summer. I think the theme may have been Greek. I don't remember what seasoning was in the lobster roll my husband had, but he was very happy with it. I started with a salad. Fine but not extraordinary. We both had whole fish, which was cooked perfectly and was delicious. We also had a very tasty dessert though no memory now of what it was.

                        MMRuth previously mentioning problems with service. That really surprised me because when we were there, Steven, the owner and a super guy, was on top of things, and service couldn't have been nicer and more efficient.

                        And, btw, I love the space!