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Portuguese Restos suggestions?

My husband and I along with our 4.5 year old son will be staying in Old Montreal for 2 nights.Heard about Solmar from a co-worker who was there last year and really enjoyed the experience.Have read mixed reviews however and was wondering if anyone has any comments on that restaurant or maybe could suggest a few more to try.Open to anything except fast food, pizza etc. Thank You!

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  1. You mention you're staying in Old Montreal. Are you looking for places in Old Montreal or are you willing to take a taxi ride to a different neighbourhood?

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      We will have a car with us so we can drive. I would like to stay closer but Mont Royal area and downtown if there are good restos there.The main thing would be for the rest. to be fairly kid friendly--we do not want to disturb someone's 200.00 anniversary meal or anythinng like that!!! Thanks.

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        Romados Rotiserie on Rachel has amazing Portugese grilled chicken. It's mostly a take-out and bakery, though there are a couple tables.

    2. Best upscale Portuguese is Cafe Ferreira on Peel. I've never been disappointed by their food and service & you can't beat their location.

      1. I really like Chez Doval – It’s on Marie-Anne between St-Laurent and St-Denis. Not super close to Old Montreal, maybe a $12 cab ride. Supper yummy and they have food that a little tyke would like –chicken, rice –and fare for parents –yummy squid, clams…

        Good prices - $10 - $20; you would have to call and reserve.

        Good luck!

        1. For grilled chicken, the best we have found are Mavi, 5192 Gatineau in the Cotes des Neiges neighbourhood, or, more centrally located, Romados, 115 Rachel Est. Both of these are pretty downscale -- Mavos has tables and service while Romados has a few patio tables inside where you can park and eat.

          For more upscale options Ferreira has already been suggested. You might also try Le Vintage: 4475 Saint-Denis. The latter really has some outstanding food, and is more resonably priced that Ferreira. Their specials are almost always great and the clam and porc dish is pretty wonderful too. Make sure to reserve.

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            Mavi's great but do you think it's superior enough to Portugalia or Romados to be worth a detour to Côte-des-Neiges?

            As detailed in another thread, I'm big on the seafood at Ail, Y'ail, Y'ail these days. Kids would fit in just fine.

            Le Vintage is Portuguese? I've walked by it many times but don't recall ever seeing a menu.

          2. I am surprised no one has mentioned 'The Chicken Nazi" :-) Portugalia Rotisserie @ Rachel and Clark. Hole in the wall place with grumpy but friendly service that has the best portuguese grilled chicken I have had in town. Call first and they will toss your chicken on the grill before you get there: 514-282-1519

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              Absolutely one of the best places, except you can't sit and eat there - it's takeout...

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                >>except you can't sit and eat there<<

                Yes, you can. They recently added a dining room.

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                  The dining room was added maybe 2-3 years ago. If a person just wants the chicken it's much much cheaper for take-out.

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                    Oops, sorry. I guess it's a sign that I need to make a trip there...

              2. with an almost five year old, I would say try out Chez Doval. It's not at all fancy, but the grilled fish and chicken are good. You'll get two token veg, probably brocoli and some potato, fries if you want I'm sure. If I remember the grilled cod was tasty, around 14$, big piece of juicy fish with a few steamed brocoli. Service can be anywhere from friendly to indifferent, but sometimes that fits the bill too. Portugalia Rotisserie is probably more worth a cab to ride to visit and their chicken's the best, but I wouldn't go there with a child under 15 unless he/she likes hanging out in a great greasy grill shack and being ignored:)

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                  Portuguese food aficionados won't want to overlook Braseiro - not a likely recommendation for a family staying in Old Montréal but for people in Montréal and visitors who are up as far as the Jean-Talon market and Jarry park. It is in northern Villeray - at the corner of St-Laurent and Guizot, one street north of Jarry, on a most unpreposessing strip, but the food is good, and it isn't expensive: http://www.hour.ca/food/food.aspx?iID... I like the writing in Maeve Haldane's review. Take the 55 bus north from St-Laurent (long trek) or Castelnau métro stations, or the Jarry bus east to St-Laurent. Not too hard to park around there either.

                2. You missed a few worthy of mention. Although Portugalia has undisputedly the best chicken, I would not send anyone there as a nice place to eat, the dining area is nothing better than drab.

                  Jano's on St. Laurent has excellent grilled portugese food, and I have found the chicken to be consistently better than Doval (dry on the last visits).

                  Barosso on Ontario has a great atmosphere, and the food is excellent. Again, excelling in grilled food.

                  Tasca on Rachel and their sister restaurant on Saint Laurent north of Van Horne (can't remember the name) serve excellent grilled squid, and traditional non-grilled specialties like Catapana and an Ascorda of Seafood that is outstanding.

                  Tasca is very child friendly, and if you go on a Friday or Saturday night the musician with the acordian should keep children entertained. Yes, I can't stand acordian music, but it soothes the savage beast. or so they say.

                  1. Any opinions on Portuscalle restaurant? Went by it over the weekend.