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Mar 9, 2007 05:27 AM

cozy coffee shop in midtown?

Are there any good and cozy coffee shops in midtown (east or west) where a couple of people can sit down (preferably on a couch) and have a conversation?

Kind of a second question, but any coffee shops in the same area that have free wireless?

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  1. not really... best is montparnesse maybe?

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    1. re: midtownDiner123

      Montparnasse is a French bistro. I haven't been in quite some time, but I do recall that the seating was very comfortable.

    2. There's The Coffee Pot on 9th & 49th.
      I believe they have some sort of internet access, though I doubt it's free (though in this neighborhood you might also be able to piggyback a stray signal)

      1. This may be outside of your range, but as of about a year ago, there was a cozy little cafe behind the Port Authority on 9th ave. I think they had free wireless too. I think that it was called something with "cupcake" in the name. Sorry I can't be more specific.

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          Do you mean Cupcake Cafe? It's on 9th Av., and recently moved from the corner of 39th St. to a new location b/t 40th & 41st Sts.

        2. on lexington and 30th (ok just shy of midtown) is this place called Brazil tea house. There is free wireless-i jumped on the ramada's from next door. There is one couch and couple chairs and lots of little tables