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Ajax - Whitby Restaurant Suggestions?

Ok fellow foodhounds..We need help. My MIL is in a nursing home in Ajax and we enjoy taking her out for lunches and dinners. We live in Mississauga and haven't been able to find anything different other than the "chain" type restaurants, Swiss Chalet, Milestones, Montanna's, etc. WE NEED HELP.
Are there no "charming little" family type GOOD Restaurants in this area? Please help us. We are looking for something cozy and charming with good food for an elderly MIL..Thanks...I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

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    1. I second Burbs.

      I also hear that Shrimp Cocktail in Oshawa is good, but I haven't been so take that with a grain of salt.

      1. Teddy's in Oshawa is a good family style deli-restaurant, but there may be line-ups.

        In Pickering Village (west Ajax, on Hwy 2) there is Mt Everest, Indian food and definitely family operated,
        Casa Verde, a small Italian spot,
        and Sauter's, an Austro-Hungarian place with a good Sri Lankan cook.

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          second Teddys. Though if I may correct you Jayt90, there WILL be line ups. It doesnt matter what nigth you go, monday, wed, fri, sunday, the line will be out the door by 4:30 pm. Its madness.

        2. Try Krebs in Whitby...my Grandmother (who has a pretty limited diet) enjoys it and so does the rest of the family. Hot Rocks (don't be fooled by the strip mall location) is good too, although the food may not be to the liking of a more elderly food taste as the seasonings, etc are more modern.

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            We went to Krebs for Thanksgiving Brunch and were disappointed..They do have a good sticky toffee pudding though............

          2. Thanks everyone so far. I've printed a few of the suggestions...my MIL has a pretty good appetite and she likes things with a bit of spice..........Hot Rocks and Burbs seems to be on our list so far......to try first. I've kept a running list to leave in my car lol..Thanks

            1. Eurochef in Oshawa... take Dundas/King St. east to one block east of Simcoe St. in Oshawa... right on the corner on the north side. Amazing portions, small, and VERY tasty. Real European inspired cooking (Polish/Hungarian owners). Seriously good food, quaint atmosphere (not noisy at all) and good prices not to mention you'll have a doggy bag for tomorrows lunch/dinner... try it out.
              I take my 83 yr old dad there - he won't go anywhere else now.

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                ...uhm, that's if you want to eat in downtown Oshawa, which I submit that anyone civilized would never want to do. In fact, your suggestion puts someone right around the corner from the Genosh, and the Million Dollar Saloon-- a shuttered strip club, and a building condemned due to various drug / sex busts. Not a nice atmosphere to eat ANYTHING in. Having lived in Oshawa all my life, I can safely say it.

                Hot Rocks is great - http://www.hotrocksdiner.com
                The Burbs Bistro suggested above is also great.
                Shrimp Cocktail (same owners as Hot Rocks) is also quite nice.
                Harpo's across from the Oshawa Centre is nice, but... boring.

                But best of all is Starr Burger in Whitby. Best burger you'll find in Ontario, in my very humble opinion.

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                  I agree with Burbs Bistro, Hot Rocks and Shrimp Cocktail as recs. Teddys is great if you get an early start on dinner, otherwise it's a 10-45 minute wait for a table.

                  Harpo's is an "old school" steak house, complete with french onion soup au gratin and Ceasar Salad starters and the creme de menthe parfait dessert (when I say old school, I mean old school). It's a predictably nice dining experience.

                  If you don't mind a drive or want to have a nice day trip, you can always go up to Port Perry and eat predictably okay Chicken and Ribs at Haugen's!

              2. I would say that Johnny's North End Burger (on Brock just north of Hwy. #2) is even better than Starr Burger.

                As for Haugen's in Port Perry, after years of passing by it on the way home from the cottage, we finally stopped in last summer - what a let down!!!! The food was absolutely horrible - Swiss Chalet is a million times better - and we will never bother stopping again.

                Although its a chain, the food and atmosphere at Shoeless Joe's is always good.

                1. Burbs Bistro in Pickering just got a favorable review in the Toronto Star:


                  1. +

                    Burbs Bistro
                    1900 Dixie Rd, Pickering, ON L1V6M4, CA

                    1. Nice Bistro in Whitby! Website: http://www.nicebistro.com/

                      117 Brock St N, Whitby, ON L1N4H3, CA