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Mar 9, 2007 05:04 AM

Where to buy pizza dough in the Village?

I am looking for a place to get pizza dough (not frozen) in the village, prefereably near Washington Square. I read other boards that said you can buy it from a pizza place, however I have yet to find one with a crust that I really like. I will NOT be using the crust to make pizza, I want to make bread, so it is important that it be a good flavor and texture. I am not opposed to buying it at a supermarket, but I'm not looking for the Pillsbury in a can stuff. Any suggestions for a specific brand or a specific pizza place? Thanks!

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  1. a little north of washington square is whole foods and trader joes. i've bought dough from both multiple times--but i've made pizza with the dough, not bread. the fresh dough balls at trader joes are 99 cents, but fairly small. the fresh dough at whole foods is $2.49-- much more dough, but i find the dough at whole foods to taste better (again, for pizza).

    the dough at whole foods is upstairs near the checkout. lastly, i've purchased dough at pizzerias near my house in brooklyn just by popping in and asking if they sell dough. some looked at me odd and said no while others looked at me odd with a look that said "of course we do you idiot." obviously depends on the place....

    1. can anyone reccomend a specific pizzeria?

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        Waaaah! Makes me think of the good old days before they closed zitos. They had great dough. Damnnit.

      2. Lombardi's sells their pizza dough. It's great for making pizza...not sure about bread!

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          thanks comidaqueen, could you please tell me where lombardi's is?

        2. I've bought pizza dough from Ray's - northwest corner of 6th Avenue & 11th Street - but it was for pizza, not bread. Why not try a slice so you can judge whether or not you'd get the results you're looking for?