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Mar 9, 2007 05:02 AM

Vegetarian / Carnivore Dinner suggestions!

My boyfriend loves anything with red meat - steaks, burgers, etc - and all the bad-for-you side dishes that go with those meals. I don't eat any red meat or chicken (I do eat seafood) and tend to eat lighter / healthier - any suggestions where we can both get good food? Usually I end up eating some sad salmon dish on a steakhouse menu, or he eats something healthy and is starving 2 hours later. Thanks!! (Preferably downtown, but anywhere's okay)

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  1. Do you have a preference on the type of cuisine (italian, french, american) and price range? That will help us to give your more relevant suggestions.

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      I prefer Italian, Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, Indian or sometimes plain old American food. Any sort of Seafood restaurant that could accommodate us both is always welcom. As for price range, I'm looking for everything so that I can choose for "special occasions" or just ordinary nights. Thanks!

    2. For Vietnamese I just went to Bao Noodles last weekend and got their fish in a pot and it was amazing!!! So yummy. My boyfriend got the fried squid to start which was big and tasty and there was a steak special which he enjoyed. Good cocktails too!

      I also like Hedeh for Japanese food, It's a tiny little place with great starters and sushi along with a great prime beef filet entree. Are these the type of things you're looking for?

      1. Veg/Carnivore tasting menu options where you can both have tasting menus at the same time:

        The Grocery (I know, I know, Brooklyn)
        and last but not least...Per Se!

        1. I think Craft will fit your criteria. Their menu has a lot of meat and seafood for both first and main courses, and there are plenty of vegetable sides and pasta to choose from. It is one of the few restaurants who manage to have great meat and seafood entrees. It is a bit pricey, but I think the qualify justifies the cost. Here is the link to the menu:

          1. Cafe Boulud is a great place for both carnivores and vegetarians. They offer 4 different menus, one of which ("Le Potager') is dedicated to vegetarians. The cuisine is superb. Service is cordial and polished. The small space has attractive contemporary decor. Some people feel that it's kind of snooty. However, while it is certainly anything but hip and does tend toward a mature UES clientele, I have seen younger diners, as well as families with children (no babies or toddlers), and I've always found dining there to be very pleasant, relaxed, and civilized.