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Where to get the best Bread Pudding

I love Bread Pudding and would love any suggestions about where to go to get a great bread pudding for dessert. Bonus if it's chocolate bread pudding!

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  1. Oleana had one that made my knees buckle. it was only on the winter menu which you'd have to call to see if it's in effect.

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      Give us more ScubaSteve, I love Oleana & I love bread pudding. But what kinda bread pudding are we talking about here?

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        I think it's a brown butter bread pudding and it's so, so, so yummy.

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          that sounds about right. i just remember it being a classical interpretation. very custardy/eggy with bits/chunks of bread poking through that had been crunchified.

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            Thanks to you both....and now my mouth is friggin' watering!

    2. Depends on what kind of bread pudding you like. Figs had one with white chocolate that I thought was way too sweet, but people loved it.

      I happen to love the one at Kouzina in Newton. Cherry and apricot, very yummy.

      I do actually like the butterscotch bread pudding at John Harvard's, but in general I don't like their food (too chain-restauranty).

      1. Sonsie has a great choc. bread pudding. Bricco and Umbria have good bread puddings. Had a decent one at the Good Life w/ banana and caramel.

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          I agree w / Joanie that Bricco's is classic and amazing, presuming it's still made w/ the same care as it was under Iocco.

        2. Skipjacks has chocolate bread pudding on their menu. I'm not a conneseur of bread pudding (or spelling of French words), but I found it really enjoyable.

          1. Eastern Standard had a chocolate bread pudding the last time I was there that was absolutely amazing.

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              I have to second the Eastern Standard version. I have had it a couple times and it is everything you would dream of in a chocolate bread pudding. BUT, they have changed their menu for the season and now they list a Cherry Bread Pudding with white chocolate and cinnamon ice cream on their menu.

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                I was disappointed in the ES choc. bread pudding. Overdone when I had it and didn't hold a candle to Sonsie's version.

            2. Brownstone on Dartmouth Street is doing a brown sugar bananna bread pudding that I really like....

              1. I recently had a lunch caramel bread pudding at Upstairs on the Square that was very disappointing. It was very small for $9 and tasted like syrup.

                Henrietta's table has a wonderful bread pudding on their menu. Don't get the bread pudding sundae because you get less bread pudding. Just get the bread pudding straight up!

                1. Henrietta's Table has a very rich chocolate bread pudding (I believe it's made with croissants) served with caramel and bananas.

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                    I really enjoyed HT's version. The bananas are so perfect. And yes, the bread pudding is made with croissants.

                  2. 224 in Dorchester has a pretty good bread pudding, (probably the best item on their menu, IMHO) and it's a quite generous portion too.

                    1. Parish Cafe has a delicious white chocolate bread pudding, I concur that the chocolate bread pudding at Eastern Standard is quite tasty and I am still mourning the loss of Cafe Umbra's sticky toffee pudding- so completely delicious. Flour has a chocolate banana bread pudding but I'm not a huge fan because it is served cold. I've also heard that Central Kitchen has a decent bread pudding but haven't been to confirm or negate...

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                        oh, my friends RAVE about the bread pudding at Parish.
                        4 of us recently split a white chocolate bread pudding at Preza .... and i HATE white chocolate (or, at least am very stubborn about admitting it can be good at times) and it was Amazing.
                        the whole dinner was fantastic, great service, wonderful food...but the bread pudding really was quite impressive.

                      2. Union Bar and Grill in the South End has a maple bread pudding that is intensely sweet, decadent, and delicious!

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                          That sounds great, I love all things maple. Does ice cream come with it?

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                            yup, scoop of vanilla on top! it's also sprinkled with some chunks of praline.

                        2. I'll second 224 Boston St in Dorchester.
                          When I got it some time ago it was drizzled with caramel.
                          The best I ever had.

                          1. I may be alone on this, but I liked the caramelized apple bread pudding at Stephanie's on Newbury the one time I tried it. It's not cheap, though.

                            1. Delfino in Roslindale has a great chocolate bread pudding which is served warm with a generous heap of fresh whipped cream on it. Awesome.

                              1. How about quantity over quality: Old Country Buffet - with all you can eat soft serve right next to it! 8)

                                1. Don't discount the chocolate buffet at Café Fleuri --- chocolate croissant bread pudding to die for.


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                                    Let me STRONGLY second that vote! This truly is the most delicious and decadent chocolate bread pudding I have ever had! I will warn you that it is very rich (in a good way) If you don't want the whole brunch, you can show up on the day of the brunch and order an order of the cbp to go (at least I did once). Call ahead to make sure they are still ok with that!

                                  2. The bread pudding at Japonaise (sp?) on Beacon St is just awesome. A little pricey (about $5) for the size and takeout nature but is totally worth it in my humble opinion. More casual, and if you really love it, I suppose you could stock up for later. Make sure to pop it in the oven .

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                                      Is it chocolate? what's the sauce like?

                                    2. Not chocolate, unfortunately, though maybe we can get a Chowhound grassroots movement going to all go in and ask them to make it. Not much in the way of sauce over the top, but the sauce throughout is great, not thick or syrupy. Its a little caramel-y and super buttery.

                                      1. Alloro on Hanover street used to secret serve this chocolate bread pudding which was divine. But that was a long time ago, when Suzanne Goin / Salter used to be in town and was the chef there. Fortunately you could track down the recipe in her cookbook.

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                                          I was just looking at that last week (it's one of my favorite cookbooks..BTW interesting reason why it was the secret dessert at Alloro!). It's Caramelized Bread Pudding with Chocolate and Cinnamon. With your rec, I may have to try to make it this weekend.

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                                            I greatly miss her cooking, so the cookbook is a godsend!

                                        2. Iggy's has a great Bread Pudding at it's bakery shop. You can take it home and add the ice cream yourself!

                                          1. The Lyceum Restaurant in Salem served warm with rich ginger ice cream. Agreat north of Boston choice!