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Mar 9, 2007 04:44 AM

Duluth MN--New Scenic Cafe?

Hi there,
Can anyone give me an idea of the price range for dinner entrees at the New Scenic Cafe? I'll be on a business trip in Duluth for a couple of days, and I'm trying to decide whether I can justify going here.

Also, if you have any other suggestions for Duluth, I would appreciate them. I'll be there a couple of nights so I need a couple of ideas. My colleague is vegetarian (but eats seafood), so we need someplace vegetarian-friendly.


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  1. It's been a few years since we've been to New scenic Cafe, but at that time our bill was around $70 for two, inc. 1 app, 2 entrees, 1 desert,1 beer and 1 glass of wine. Hope this helps. Can't help you with other suggestions for Duluth, but hopefully others will chime in.

    1. Here you go:

      I love the New Scenic. As you can see from the menu, they have two different price ranges. Sandwiches are in the $8-10 range and entrees in the $16-22 range. Everything I have had there has always been great. I still swoon with the memory of a particular, heavenly coq au vin I had there a couple of years ago.

      For casual fare or even just a good cup of coffee, I really like At Sara's Table/Chester Creek Cafe It is outside of the touristy parts of Duluth and seems like the kind of place a normal Duluth resident might eat on a regular basis. I think they use all organic ingredients. Also, I think they always have veggie items on the menu and daily specials.

      1. Thanks for the help! I'll definitely head to the New Scenic Cafe when I'm in Duluth.

        And thanks for the Sara's Table suggestion, Cassandra. It sounds awesome! I'll probably make that my second dinner.

        1. Dinner at the Scenic two weeks ago-the tuna Nicoise, lamb shank, and two glasses of lower priced wine-$75.00.No app, no desert. We've been fans of the Scenic for years-this time we felt it was way overpriced. $7.50 for a small serving of South African Sauv. Blanc- about three ounces. Food was great, as usual. DH and i agreed that Nokomis( a little farther up the drive) is a better value than the Scenic is now.

          1. Check out where you'll find a copy of their menu. There are daily specials as well. A super-creative menu using only the freshest ingredients. Servers are attentive and skilled. Chefs are Duluth's best and brightest. Family oriented as well as a nice date-night out. Extensive beer and wine selections. And don't get me started on the desserts! Decadent espresso chocolate ganache cake is to die for.