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CT eats..what do you recommend

Heading along 95 from Long Bridgeport to Cape Cod and need a dining choice. These were recommend here:

gabrielle's in centerbrook
jeffrey's in milford
elizabeth's cafe, madison
le petit cafe, branford
bravo, bravo, mystic

Any tips or feedback since the poster did not elaborate at all, please? It would be for Sunday an early dinner in the Spring.


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  1. le petite cafe would be my choice. one of the best rests. in Ct.
    Bentara in new haven for maybe the best malaysian food on the east coast. try hot and spicy whole fiish.
    Thali in new haven, great upscale fusion Indian, the crab appi is delish
    I've been hearing good things about Liv's oyster bar in old saybrook

      1. In Mystic Spice Rice Noodles, next to the train station is very good. Down Route 215 a mile in Noank is the Fisherman, with nice views and okay seafood., and half a mile up Marsh road you'll find the Seahorse, Where the Locals Eat.

        1. I second the Seahorse, one of my favorites. The fish and chips are amazing, and the raw oysters can be pretty good (and fresh!) as well.

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            I third the Seahorse.
            We've never had a bad meal there and the previous poster is right;the fish and chips are truly amazing.
            A great friendly local crowd at the bar is really enjoyable as well---

          2. Check this thread for suggestions in the Connecticut River area.


            1. I think the polish national home on a Sunday can't be beat.

              1. My beloved Seahorse let me down yesterday! No oysters available. My friend ordered the lobster roll and it was a mash of something pink! I would have sent it back, but she didn't tell me until it was almost gone. We couldn't get in the bar it was so crowded, and the dining room just isn't the Seahorse experience for me.
                Not saying don't go, first time EVER not happy with everything, I'll certainly be back! Just an off day :(

                1. This is a place you could try not very far off the highway,

                  1. How do I get to Seahorse from 95 please? I want easy off and on the hwy.

                    1. I went to Elizabeth's in Madison for breakfast a few months ago and I was really disappointed. I wanted it to be good. I thought it would be better than a diner breakfast but that's all it was. Coffee was very very weak, no flavor at all.

                      1. Taste in Hamden is a pretty good restaurant for the price.
                        Trumbull Kitchen in Hartford is also fantastic.
                        I would even add Tony & Lucille's in New Haven (on wooster st) for some good italian food.

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                          Trumbull Kitchen is a fun restaurant but no where near I95...and Hamden is not off the ramp either..