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Mar 9, 2007 03:12 AM

Red Lobster

I am a massive seafood and lobster fan from the UK who will be in NYC in a few weeks.
I have a limited budget and have already planned some gorgous meals based on some other topics here.

I noticed there is a chain of restaurants called Red Lobster and their menu looks fantastic. I know its not high class gourmet seafood, but as I am on a tight budget, any lobster is better than none, and was wondering what their prices are like??
Lets say for an average meal price?


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        1. This is really not the ideal time of year to be eating North American lobster -- they're pretty watery during the cold months. You just might be able to find some early soft-shell crab. If you do, gobble them up, as they are truly a special treat (and one that you will never find in the UK).

          1. if you'd like to try a lobster roll which isn't quite as good as new england, but still pretty good, go to either pearl oyster bar or mary's fish camp in greenwich village. pearl is open for lunch (not sure if mary's is). they are NOT upscale places. however, since you already have high end stuff in your budget, i'd suggest looking there. oh - lobster roll = hot dog roll + (i forget how each serves it specifically) mayo+lettuce+lots of lobster pieces OR (not nyc way) lobster pieces already soaked in butter (no mayo)

            there also are periodic places which have "lobster bake" specials for around $20-25. that's 1 1/4 pound lobster and some sides (like french fries and corn, or something similar). the new england bakes have much much more, with an assortment of other seafoods like clams or mussels as well as sides.

            oh, both places are in greenwich village, and easily accessible by subway. or tube, if you wish.

            as a sidenote - red lobster's most redeeming quality is the little free rolls they give you with each meal, which are wonderful. i love certain seafood like lobster, shrimp, tuna and live 90 miles away from nyc (so there's no abundance of good restaurants up here), yet have gone to red lobster 2 or 3 times in the last 5+ years (only with coupons and other things cutting back the cost of the meal), and haven't had a whole lobster there in much much longer than that.