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Late night can mean different things in different markets. Down here in SOBE things tend to stay open later, the norm being 10pm during the week and 11pm on weekends, so any places that go beyond the norm in your area are worthy of mention, if the food is good. Obviously, quality and quantitiy tend to suffer the later it gets which is why I think this thread will serve us and our visitors well here in the FLA. They are listed in the order they come to mind.

1. News Cafe-24/7 South Beach. The original. And although it may have slid some over the years, you can still quell your craving no matter what the hour. Eggs Smoked Salmon (Benedict Style) is still one of my favorite dishes anywhere. Salads excel as does their Tomato Soup and Mid-Eastern Platter. Pasta with Fresh Tomatoes, Garlic and Basil also does the trick.

2. Big Pink-M-W 12am, Th 2am, F-S 5am South Beach. This varied late night menu works well when many other kitchens have since gone to sleep.

3. La Sandwicherie-5am 7 days. South Beach. The French sandwich shop has been here since the 80's! Having grown up in NY where they pile on the meat, it took some time to get used to these sammies where they load up on the veggies and skimp on the meat. Their dijon sauce takes these grinders over the top! And where esle can you get Pate and Saussison Sec in the wee hours? Salads are nice too!

4. Pizza Rustica-hours vary per store. The original on Washington and 9th in South Beach has always been there late enough for me. Big square slices cut into 4. I ask them to cut mine into 6 and leave it in the oven a touch longer for added pizza pleasure!

5. Cafeteria-24/7 South Beach. Altough I have only dined here once, their 24/7 hours and Lincoln Road location are noteworthy!

6. Loco Taqueria aka San Loco-5am weekdays 6am weekends South Beach. Should you get a late night hankerin' for "stupid sauce" you deserve culo loco aka montezuma with your hangover!

7. Puerto Sagua-2am 7 days South Beach. Cuban on Collins.

8. Versailles-Hours vary throughout the week Little Havana (kinda sorta). Cuban Cuban and more Cuban ala Cuban...VAYA!

9. Peter Pan Diner-24/7 Fort Lauderdale. Where would late night dining be without diner food? This place does it and well.

10. Shuckers-2am 7 days North Bay Village (Miami). This waterfront oasis in a Best Western is one of the best sports bars in town. In addition, their Special Grilled Wings are off the chart! A nice watering hole with good grub.

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  1. 1 - Yakko San - outstanding, unusual Japanese tapas, open till 3:30am, will often find kitchen staff from other restaurants there for late-night dinner after their shift is done.

    2 - Cafeteria - open 24 hours, varied menu, usually pretty well prepared. Green eggs & ham!

    3 - Lester's Diner - 24 hour old-school greek diner. Close to FTL airport.

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      I once went late night to cafeteria and it was one of the worst meals I ever had, much worse than any other time I was ever there (I have been there more that 30 times).

      1. re: tpigeon

        Cafeteria was definitely the worst service I had in Miami...and I hear it's closing.

        1. re: butrfli1227

          Been closed for a couple months actually.

      2. re: Frodnesor

        I wonder if Lester's has the amazing Greek Meatsauce served over Hot Dogs like in upstate NY? Any Lester lovers that can attest to their Dog offering?

        1. re: netmover

          Unfortunately - they do not. I've been trying to replacate that sauce...but have been unable to however Castleberry's hot dog sauce comes close. Can find in chili isle in most supermarkets

          1. re: netmover

            No they do not....so sad because that is something I miss most from my hometown of Buffalo, NY!! I agree Castleberry's is close...but missing something.

        2. 1. Versailles, Miami. Where both the tourists and the locals go. Net's nailed it.

          2. News Cafe -- another score for Net. I normally steer toward the salads, but eating breakfast at 2 a.m. PLUS the awesome scenery of Ocean Drive craziness -- perfect!

          3. Ocean View Diner, Indialantic (Brevard County), where US 192 meets A1A on the beach. Heavy Greek-style 24-hr diner. Gyro meat and eggs at 4 a.m.? YES. Makes me wish I was drunk right now so I could go. . .

          4. Just the thought of it makes my belly hurt, but when I was studying late at UM (well, up late, not necessarily studying, lol), we'd always hit Miami Subs, which was open until 4 a.m. Pitas, seasoned fries, and Dom P if that's your choice!

          5. Despite its partying reputation (especially this week) not much in Daytona's open late. However, I had nice drinks with the girls at Mai Tai's in the Ocean Walk complex on the beach, first floor overlooking the sand near the bandshell. Not sure how long they serve food, but we saw people ordering pretty late and it looked awesome -- sort of Asian fusion-y. My friend affirms the food is tasty, and we've already made a date to go back (during the daytime) so I can have some. (Plus their house special Plantation Punch, at about $4, is huge and delicious and comes with a fashionable flower for your hair!)

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            Ocean View Diner is gone... more codos on the way

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              I worried as much, since it's been a few years. Is the original Bizzarro's location (which I thought was next door) still there as well?

              And where does one go for late-night munchies in Brevard nowadays?

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                yes indeed Bizzarro's is still there (and expanding all the way to A1A). The venerable Pig and Whistle Pub in Cocoa Beach serves till 2AM (it too is moving to the old A1A Florist site) and Chris still makes a mighty fine microwave pizza till 2am at Nancy's Casablanca on Minuteman in CB.

                1. re: brevardbelly

                  microwave pizza? now that's a delicacy you don't hear about much on this board! BAM...I guess when you got a belly full of beer your standards get lowered ....just a little bit!

                  I would like to add Hiro's Sushi in NMB. Open until 3:30AM!!!

            2. re: Covert Ops

              In Daytona, McK's has pretty decent food, even before the late night hour. I'm going to college in Daytona, and frequently go out to McK's at 11pm or later for a burger, or one of their tasty sandwiches. Their chicken and tuna salads are not too bad either, and the prices are pretty good. I have occaisionally had a slightly-undercooked (to me, at least) burger, although I like mine well-done.

              McK's Tavern
              218 S Beach St, Daytona Beach, FL 32114

            3. How about Primanti Bros on the beach in Ft Lauderdale? You can get your fries right on the sandwich..which might sound like a good idea about 3 AM..:) open 24 hours..

              Don't know if it's quite "dining"....eating?

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              1. re: 9lives

                Is this the same Primanti Bros. out of Pittsburgh

                1. re: 9lives

                  Not to mention their pizza, which is among the best pies on the penninsula!

                  Viva Primanti's, Viva Pittsburgh...ok in the Summer!

                2. yep late night in Florida means many things, for some it's around 5.30pm hence so many early birds on offer!

                  Delray's Atlantic goes late at the weekend and in season. Also Mizner Park in Boca late openers can be found.

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                    Dada in Delray serves a full menu until 2am although I think appetizers are their strong point anyway.

                  2. I think it is a safe bet that the best late night dining in FL is in Miami. It is hard to find a good spot late at night along the St. Pete beaches. My husband and I ended up at Foxy's on Treasure Island one night and I think it was about 12:30. I was glad they were open but it was nothing to write home about.

                    Ybor is usually still hopping in the wee hours but I'm not sure what's open late. The Columbia maybe? And serving food? No, I don't think so.

                    I guess I could start driving at 8:30 from Tampa to catch the wee hours in SoBe. Or maybe someone else has some other suggestions for this side of FL.

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                      Speaking of St Pete Beach: Vito & Michael's for late nite pizza - 7704 Blind Pass Road. Haven't been in probably a year or so, they were always open real late.

                      Have never tried during day, but a good stop after a nite out, try their "garbage" pizza, also never a dull cast of characters passing thru after a night out at area bars etc-


                      1. re: LIfoodie

                        Mai Tai in Daytona Beach serves appetizers until 12, I think. If you are there really late, you can order a chocolate chip cookie and milk. =)

                        Another late night place is the Oyster Pub on Seabreeze which has a midnight+ menu and Napoli Pizza which has some good pizza along with some other stuff. I think they are open until 4 or 5am.

                        1. re: anikahangel

                          Thanks, Anika. Is Napoli the one across the street from Ocean Walk? It looked like some scary pizza places I used to see on Washington Ave in SoBe, but I might have to try it if it's good. . .

                      2. Tobacco Road in Miami. Food is great. Great specials that start at midnight, and kitchen is open til 4:00 on Thu- Sat. and til 2:00 on the other nights. Shenanigans in Hollywood on Sheridan is open til at least 2:00.

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                        1. re: EDBM

                          Any word on cafe maurice in sofi 5-5am french food?

                          1. re: netmover

                            I can now attest to this Cafe Maurice...it sucked!

                            First time I went in at 2am and they told me the kitchen was closed after advertising that the kitchen was open until 5am? When I asked Miseur Maurice he gave me the standard French reply, "it's a private party"! I should have know right then and there that this Frog via LA was not worthy of wasting anytime, or money with. LAX do you this clown from LA? He had a place there for years.

                            Stupidly, I went back at a decent hour only to have a NY Strip that tasted like Lamb or some other gamey meat. Never again!

                        2. In the Brickell area, I like La Moon (Colombian). They're open till 5 am on Friday and Saturday and I think 3 am on Thursdays.

                          Kiki's nearby just started offering a late-night menu. I've only been there for lunch but they sell pretty good sandwiches and they also serve pizzas, though I've never tried them. I was at Transit Lounge on Saturday and they'll actually serve you Kiki's food inside the bar (they're neighbors). I don't know if it's up with the best but it's a new option in this area.

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                          1. re: miachef

                            I want to add that I've tried La Moon late at night and during lunch time. The lunch time offerings are much more extensive as there's more choices out of the restaurant menu instead of a late-night menu. The food and offerings during lunch were much better than what were offered late at night - but for those wanting Colombian fast food late at night, La Moon does fill the niche.

                            1. re: mialebven

                              You know all the daily soups or stews at Prima Arepa are ONLY available during the day...It's a Colombian thang!

                            2. re: miachef

                              I've driven by Kiki's for two Friday nights in a row now... it looks like this one bit the dust, judging from it being closed the two times I've visited.

                              1. re: mialebven

                                I just left the Transit Lounge, which is right behind Kikes and owned by the same people, seems Kikes is closed and it will reopen as Sliders. At least that's what I was told by the stranger I met whilst huddling under their awning waiting for the rain to pass!

                            3. Little Saigon Vietnamese in North Miami on Miami Ave. just N of 167th St. Sign says they're open till 1:30am Mon-Sat and till 11:30pm Sunday.

                              1. Au Pied de Cochon in South Beach. Washington Ave and 1st Street. This famed Parisian eatery is open 24/7. Pig's Foot anyone?

                                1. PRIMANTES is the BOMB!! One of my favorite restaurants in the COUNTRY let alone, state and city. And I've eaten at the French Laundry. :o)

                                  1. Floridian on Las Olas in Ft. lauderdale! Fab!!!!

                                    1. Peter Pan Diner, 1216 E Oakland Park Blvd, Fort Lauderdale

                                      1. um so is there any concensus on like a top 10 places to eat out late in miami? i'm picking a friend up from the airport and have to stay overnight so great places to eat (good food, relatively inexpensive ~10/entree) would be greatly appreciated. I know its tough saying what places are good...just places that would be good regardless of hours. Food first, decor/atmosphere is at the bottom of the list. if all else fails, we can always take out.

                                        1. Up in the Lake Worth Area on Federal Highway and Forest Hill Blvd is Little Havana, open 24 hours, good Cuban food.

                                          1. Heading into Miami on a late flight in a few weeks.

                                            Will be in SOBE area and won't be heading out to eat until 11:30 PM or so.

                                            News Cafe, Big Pink and Le Sandwicherie still the best places in the area?

                                            Been to these three many many times so always looking for something new.

                                            Will be traveling with my wife who is a vegetarian (eats fish, guess that makes her a pescatarian...).

                                            Also, lunch suggestions on Key Biscayne? Will have car, but won't have time to travel too far.

                                            I'd appreciate suggestions.


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                                            1. re: Ewilensky

                                              You may have more luck reposting this on the Miami/FTL board, as this "Florida" board now covers all of Florida *except* Miami/Broward/Palm Beach.

                                              News Cafe, Big Pink and Le Sandwicherie would never fall into anyone's (sober) list of best places in SoBe unless you're talking exclusively late-night, and even then ...

                                              A few places you can throw into the late night mix, first on South Beach:
                                              - The Alibi - in Lost Weekend on the east end of EspaƱola Way - very good philly cheesesteak, plus burgers, shrimp po'boy, good fries, open till 5am.
                                              - Burger & Beer Joint - perhaps not ideal for a pescetarian, though if she can subsist on french fries, fried pickles and onion rings she'll be OK.
                                              - El Scorpion - Mexican - haven't tried yet.
                                              - Smith & Wollensky - steakhouse, open till 2am Fri-Sat.

                                              Then off-beach, in Midtown:
                                              - Sugarcane Raw Bar Grill - great food, open till midnight Sun-Wed, 1am Thur, 2am Fri-Sat
                                              - Mercadito - Mexican, open till midnight Sun-Tue, 1am Wed-Thu, 2am Fri-Sat.

                                              Here's a good article from New Times with some other options ->